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Mahat Meditation

Mahat is a sanskrit word that means 'great one' or 'great soul'

Over the course of human history, we have gradually allowed ourselves to disconnect from the Earth. We have abandoned our place in nature and surrendered our respect for nature itself. Through this experience we have effectively severed our connection with universal consciousness. 

With respect, accurate perception and by following the laws of energy, Mahat Meditation reawakens our soul connection with the Earth. As this reconnection deepens, so does our depth of wisdom.


It is in reawakening wisdom that we reconnect with universal consciousness.

Mahat Meditation is an active meditation practice that builds inner force and accelerates our
personal evolution.


Rather than simply emptying the mind or visualising tranquil imagery, we are using chi,

divine energy, colour and sound to activate different areas of the energy systems
in a specific sequence.


The active nature of Mahat Meditation results in the mind of the meditator staying focused and


During the meditation sequences there are stillness and integration points which allow the
meditator to experience  a deep sense of inner peace.






















"It is possible to experience a world based in love – the process starts with you. Mahat Meditation offers steps towards finding love and unity within the self."

  • Inner balance and health

  • Harmony

  • Grounding

  • Awareness

  • Wisdom

  • Clarity

  • Positive action with certainty

  • Magnetism and manifestation

  • Self-love

  • Alignment of lower emotions

Mahat Meditation takes us on an inner journey that leads to the rediscovery of our greatness.

By practicing Mahat Meditation, the Mahatma energy is activated. A regular meditation

practice will bring clarity to the higher senses and an improved sense of well-being.

A consistent Mahat Meditation practice brings benefits such as:



Mahat Meditation is a non-denominational practice - it is not aligned with a specific religion or deity. 

Mahat Meditation honours our connection to the Earth. A portion of the energy generated during the meditation practice is given back to the Earth with intent.

A single Mahat Meditation sequence runs for approximately 25 minutes. The sequence can be practiced in a chair, lying down or in a traditional meditation position. Mahat Meditation is suited to any lifestyle, and is suitable for experienced meditators and beginners alike.

Learning Pathways

Mahat Meditation is delivered in five levels of learning. Each level includes an active meditation
sequence with related self-awareness and self-development practices to support you
in integrating the Mahatma energy into daily life. Each sequence and the related set of
self-development tools targets a different layer of the energy systems.


Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


Level 5


For Children

Melaney Ryan
Online Facilitator


"I am incredibly humbled to have learnt the Mahat sequence, it truly is a powerful meditation in all that it awakens. I appreciate your sharing and look forward to hearing more of your experiences. It is something that I feel compelled to do more of and yearn for nothing else but it sometimes!"

K.J, Mahat Meditation, 2014

"Since beginning the Mahat Meditation practice my clarity in business has increased, it is like I am looking through renewed eyes! I am able to make business decisions with ease and I have found that I am not emotionally pulled anymore. Melaney’s message on awakening humanity is a vital message to all of us."

L.R, Mahat Meditation, 2014

Mahat 1

This sequence increases the central force and awakens the supportive framework for the

energy systems and nervous system to carry the increased force. Level One Mahat Meditation

can be likened to strength training in a gym for the energy systems. 



Practice of Level One Mahat Meditation brings:








  • Increased inner strength and
    conscious awareness of the energetic
    channels and structures.

  • Amplification of the magnetic force
    within the central core.

  • Activation of the zero point.

  • Activation of the four evolved chakras and an increased awareness to our grounding and anchoring points.

  • An understanding of how to coordinate the movement of energy between the energy systems, the physical body and the mind.


Level 1

For further information click the ‘learn more’ button below.

Mahat 2


Level 2

  • Stability on all levels in our day-to-day 
    lives as we are no longer pulled to 
    extremes of positive and negative.

  • An understanding of the building 
    blocks to manifestation.

  • An amplified light presence.

  • Enhanced intuitive ability.

  • Increased inner vision, awareness 
    and clarity.

  • Amplified higher awareness and 

  • Present moment awareness.

This sequence deepens our Earth connection, activates the heart brain and stabilises the relevant
energy points to awaken the higher intelligence.




Practice of Level Two Mahat Meditation brings:










This sequence builds the connections between the Earth star, the four evolved chakras, the eight energy vortices and the soul star. A deep inner joy is awakened through this sequence.




Practice of Level Three Mahat Meditation brings:














  • Understanding on how to access the
    universal matrix (higher intelligence).

  • Activation of the divine energy

  • An understanding of the role of the
    pineal and pituitary functions at an
    energetic and physical level.

  • Mahat Meditation perspective on
    kundalini and the merkaba light


  • Freedom to move within the void
    utilising conscious intent to unify with
    the divine spark.

  • Mahat Meditation perspective on the
    diamond body.

  • The ability to consciously co-create our reality through the wisdom of the soul.


Level 3

Mahat 3


Level 4

This sequence increases the level of coordination between the eight energy vortices and the eight extraordinary vessels. A deeper realisation of our connection with the Earth, our place within consciousness and our union with light is experienced through this meditation.




Practice of Level Four Mahat Meditation brings:














  • The potential to access the soul
    memory with conscious awareness.

  • The ability to consciously review
    and release existing karmic ties.

  • The potential to awaken from the
    illusion that death is the end of life.

  • Mahat Meditation perspective on
    the divine energy channels.

  • Applied understanding on 
    frequency (colour) and tone

Mahat 4


Level 5

This sequence sees the activation of the evolved chakras, energy vortices and eight extraordinary vessels within the cognitive and heart brains to hold the unified field. By activating these higher energy centres, we can better control the senses and stimulate the five lobes of the brain. The sequenced activation we practice in Level Five Mahat Meditation creates new neural pathways and reference points within the brain so we may experience the unified field and experience a more meaningful life.




Practice of Level Five Mahat Meditation brings:














  • The activation of the evolved chakras, energy vortices and eight extraordinary vessels within the cognitive and heart brains to hold the unified field.

  • Understanding of our senses and their connection to the five lobes of the brain.

  • Insight into the importance of activating the horizontal and vertical planes within us.

  • Activation of the infinite energy.

  • Understanding of how our reality actualises into existence via energy loops and how this creates a new reference point within the brain. 

  • An investigation into the theory of how our reality is made up of a self simulation of thought.

Mahat 5


for children

Our children shape the future of our world and the direction humanity takes.


To best support them to make a positive difference, we’ve created the Children’s Mahat Meditation program to give them a space to come together, learn about energy and support one another in achieving great things in ways that also give back to the Earth and future generations.


As a mother to a son and daughter who are now conscious, compassionate and self-aware adults, Melaney Ryan believes it is vital to nurture the openness and interest that many children show around energy and consciousness. She often finds that kids – some as young as two years old! – ask her questions about and seek to share their understandings on these things.

This course aims to bring children together from across the globe, whether in person or on an international online platform, and to encourage them to make a positive change in our world. We aim to empower them to know wholeheartedly that they are the future and that their voices are heard, respected and valued.


No matter what age we are, Mahat Meditation nurtures our inherent wisdom by gently awakening the awareness of what we are, and provides us with the tools to harness our visions and realise our goals.





















Children will learn how to: 


Mahat Children
jenna kids.jpg
jenna kids.jpeg
  • Bring stillness, balance and harmony to their bodies and minds.

  • Apply tools and techniques to help them manage stress, bullying, fear and anxiety.

  • Ground themselves and anchor their energetic connection to the Earth.

  • Practice mindfulness to improve focus and attention.

  • Monitor thoughts and feelings and how to respond rather than react.

  • Develop their intuition and insight.

  • Understand manifestation and know that what they are seeking begins within themselves.

  • Build command of their life experience and create a magnetic presence.

  • Honour their greatness with humility and gratitude.

  • Be empowered in fully occupying their place in life.

  • Work with mindfulness, monitoring of the thoughts, manifestation, increasing personal magnetism, building intuition and the use of meditation tools such as crystals, visual yantras and chakra cards.

Course details


In person in Australia or New York, with licensed facilitators 

For who:

Children aged 7 - 13 



4 hours total 

4 x 1 hour classes 

Meet the facilitators

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United States
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