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Level 5

In Level Five Mahat Meditation we are activating the infinite energy within. We go to a new level in understanding reality and how we interplay and hold presence within it, looking at how the universal matrix (higher intelligence) actualises into existence via energy loops and how this creates a new reference point within the brain. 

We investigate the theory of how our reality is made up of a self-simulation of thought, and how consistent and infinite energy loops create the whole of the universal matrix.

In this meditation we begin to interplay with the loops using the movement of chi and divine energy through our energetic and physical networks, including connecting with the cognitive brain and heart brain.

Level Five Mahat Meditation provides us with five intricate maps, which explain the horizontal and vertical planes within and allow us to move from duality to non-duality as we interplay with their activation.

The energetic horizontal plane governs our inner balance, how we perceive ourselves and the present moment, and our clarity of thought. Activating and balancing it allows us to move into a thought-based consciousness where we are no longer governed by lower emotions. We can take action from a conscious awareness as we are not offset by the lower emotions.

Activating the vertical plane allows us to take action with balance and awareness, therefore allowing us to hold our presence in all our exchanges.

Each map reveals the relevant element, chakras, vortices, meridians, eight extraordinary vessels and energy points and how they interplay with the physical body and the mind.

Level Five sees the activation of the evolved chakras, energy vortices and eight extraordinary vessels within the cognitive and heart brains to hold the unified field. By activating these higher energy centres, we can better control the senses and stimulate the five lobes of the brain.

The sequenced activation we practice in Level Five creates new neural pathways and reference points within the brain so we may experience the unified field and experience a more meaningful life.

Experiencing the unified field for prolonged periods and in a limitless form where time does not exist is the state in which we can best interplay with the way consciousness actualises.

Melaney Ryan
Online Facilitator

Course details



Age 14 and over, Completion of Levels One, Two, Three and Four Mahat Meditation



Online using video conferencing software 



12 hours total:

8 x 1.5 hour live lectures

Please view our refund policy here 

Next start dates: 


Next course to be announced.

Course Fee: $440 AUD

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