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Chakra Cycles Meditation Retreat

Padma Retreat Centre - Youngs Siding - Western Australia

We invite you to join us for a four night and five day retreat at the beautiful Padma Retreat Centre near Denmark, Western Australia, to take a journey of self-discovery through connecting with your chakra cycles. 

Youngs Siding, Western Australia

Alongside offering a peaceful space to nourish your body and soul, this retreat will help you better direct the flow of life through learning about the yearly and seven yearly chakra cycles. 


These cycles relate to the main seven chakras as the projectors and filters of our individual experiences in this lifetime. The chakras also imprint the learning integrated by the higher soul as we journey through life.  


Becoming aware of what each chakra contributes and using this to interpret life’s cues helps us become more empowered in our choices and actions.  


This retreat will connect you more deeply with yourself through simple guided meditations, gentle body movement and breathwork, all of it suitable for wherever you are right now. 


You will learn to determine the cycles and how to best work with them to guide self-reflection and access greater understanding of your power and purpose. Summaries will be provided to help you continue to apply the knowledge, or to also help loved ones or clients.  


Padma’s grounds sit among the karri trees within the wetlands that face the Nenamup Inlet, alive with abundant wildlife and fresh air coming off the Great Southern Ocean. You will have plenty of time to enjoy nature with walks or visits to local places, or just kick back and listen to the birds. 


We are excited to share this piece of Heaven on Earth with you if you feel called to revivify your body, mind and spirit through deeper self-knowledge and relaxation.

Retreat details

5 days

Next retreat date: 

Friday 19 April - Tuesday 23 April 2024

Chakra Cycles Meditation Retreat with Melaney Ryan

Melaney Ryan

To register for this retreat, please see the retreat booklet above and then get in touch! 

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