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Five Elements Meditation Retreat

Padma Retreat Centre - Youngs Siding - Western Australia

Alongside offering you a peaceful space to nourish your body and soul, this retreat aims to take you on a journey of self-discovery through making a greater connection with the five elements of the Earth - fire, water, earth, wood and metal.

Youngs Siding, Western Australia

We will learn more about the qualities and characteristics of each element and use meditation and sound healing to further integrate them in balance and alignment, benefiting us as individuals as well as the Earth, humanity, and consciousness as a whole.

Human intelligence is not separate from nature’s intelligence, so to live a healthy, happy and harmonious life is to live in alignment with the Earth.

Understanding the five elements helps us build our connection with the natural polarity of the Earth to assist ourselves and the planet in achieving further balance and to create positive movement in our evolution.

This is especially important for us as individuals when we are at a standstill or unsure of our next steps, or lacking clarity in what we should focus on in our life experience.

During the retreat you will determine the most relevant element for you to work with at your particular life stage, assisted by the five element questionnaire used in ITA (Integrated Therapeutic Alignment) Energy Medicine.

Charts summarising the qualities and characteristics associated with the elements help you review what is relevant in each cycle in relation to an imbalance you may be experiencing, or more broadly to assist your forward movement in life.

Each element is connected to a lower emotional category and we will help balance and align these within ourselves through the practice of short daily meditations.

We look forward to exploring and connecting more profoundly with the five elements and the Earth itself with you at this retreat.

This retreat includes -

  • Four nights accommodation at Padma Retreat Centre in Youngs Siding, Western Australia.

  • Delicious and nourishing meals. Dinner on Friday night, three meals on Saturday, Sunday and Monday and breakfast on Tuesday.

  • Complimentary tea and coffee for the duration of the retreat.

  • All group meditations, sessions and talks with Melaney and guest facilitators.

  • Dedicated and efficient service from the team at MRIAC to ensure a memorable retreat experience.

Retreat details

5 days

Next retreat date: 

Dates to be announced

Five Elements Retreat with Melaney Ryan

Melaney Ryan

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