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Corporate Packages

Below you can find our current courses offered by MRIAC. Specifically designed for corporate presence and leadership. 

MRIAC corporate packages, industry tailored.

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Leadership Presence Program 

This program develops your leadership presence by supporting you to balance the impacts of stress and to fuel accuracy in your goal setting and actions. This is achieved through sharing theory, techniques and meditations based on the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness (MRIAC) understanding of our energy systems and the human experience.

Organisations are familiar with investing in the professional development and skills of their leaders. It is equally important to invest in the energy that your presence as a leader carries. Balanced and accurate leaders who are present and connected to their inner strength lead to more productivity and success for their team, while helping build leaders of the future. 

The foundation of presence is to find balance within ourselves. This fuels the ability to perceive accurately and so determines how a leader takes action. Leaders that work on their presence can be more openminded and decisive, with more ability to create a calm space for improved performance and to reach their true potential.

MRIAC has a unique insight into the human energy systems, particularly the energetic anatomy and how it impacts our lives .These insights are based on eastern philosophy and have been refined and evolved over Melaney Ryan’s extensive clinical experience spanning 35 years. The interrelation between the mind, body and energy systems within the context of leadership is the focus of this program. 

This program will help you:

  • Understand the MRIAC leadership presence model.

  • Understand the body’s response to stress and techniques to bring balance, enabling high achievement without losing connection to the self.

  • Explore ways to build inner strength and the qualities that align to this, and locate and hold your natural energetic center without becoming defensive or triggered.

  • Investigate the importance of accuracy in leadership.

  • Learn more about your true nature as an individual and a leader.

  • Explore ways to manage lower emotions, monitor your thoughts and emotions and bring mindfulness into your day.

  • Develop your personal vision and work legacy.

  • Explore strategies for achieving your vision through intent, affirmation and placement.

  • Learn guided processes to help balance stress, worry and over-thinking, and to assist manifestation of your goals.

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