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About Melaney Ryan

Melaney has decoded the pathways to self-realisation and is a leader in the global movement towards world unity.

Melaney has decoded the pathways to self realisation
and is spearheading a genuine shift in the understanding
of energy and consciousness.


Melaney Ryan is the founder of MRIAC and the developer of Mahat Meditation and Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA) energy medicine. 

Melaney Ryan is a fourth-generation energy worker with over 34 years of clinical experience as an energy therapist. 

Melaney's intuitive knowledge of how to work with subtle energies was nurtured from an early age by her grandmother. Her great grandmother was an extraordinarily skilled energy worker from the Canary Islands, renowned for treating a wide range of difficult alignments.

Building on her family linage of skills, training with great masters and working with thousands of clients, Melaney has been able to discern the intricate relationships between the physical body, the energy systems and the mind.

This understanding forms the basis of the ITA and Mahat Meditation systems.

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Our Team

Melaney Ryan
Founder & Director
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