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Mahat Meditation Retreat

Join us in the mountains of Chiang Mai for a ten day Mahat Meditation retreat

Retreat participants often experience profound energetic shifts and awakenings through the opportunity to focus on their practice in a supportive environment surrounded by like-minded global friends.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

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These ten day retreats have run annually since 2014, offering a combination of Mahat Meditation practice and studies, lectures facilitated by MRIAC founder Melaney Ryan, relaxed and abundant meals, optional outings as well as plenty of time to rest, relax and reflect. 


Visiting local schools in the hills of Chiang Mai, playing in a waterfall with rescued elephants, exploring beautiful temples, meeting local monks and enjoying the vibrant street markets are examples of the types of outings and gatherings included. Or there’s the option to take quiet time by the pool, book yourself a Thai massage or to reflect in the beautiful rooms and nature outlooks at Veranda Resort.


It is rare in life to retreat in a peaceful place to focus on your spiritual growth with a wonderful group of people on a similar path - our Mahat Meditation retreats offer this precious opportunity. 


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"It was a fantastic opportunity to interact with a range of people in an amazing part of the world and I’d repeat the experience in a heartbeat. I would highly recommend exploring this life changing area. As meditation and energy movement were completely new to me, a fair amount of Melaney’s messages went a little over my head at first, but the basic concepts were easy to grasp and I found the daily meditations becoming simpler the more I practised – I had literally never meditated prior to attending the retreat.

I’ve been considering moving from my current location for some time, and the concept of simply 'asking' and really focusing on what one wants out of life has really started to open doors after just weeks of practising the teachings. The retreat was well presented and professionally delivered and I will definitely be attending the level two retreat in 2015."

Anonymous, Mahat Meditation Retreat. 2014

"I attended the inaugural Mahat Mediation retreat in 2014 and not only was it a fabulous retreat, it was life changing for me. I got such clarity regarding how I wanted to live my life and what I saw as my life’s purpose. I have been practicing Mahat Meditation now several times a week and find it is a very deep meditation that gives me clarity, vision, relaxation and it fills me with love."

K.G, Mahat Meditation Retreat. 2014

Retreat details



Veranda Resort and Spa - Chaing Mai, Thailand



10 days

Next retreat date: 

6th - 15th March 2025

Melaney Ryan

Mahat Meditation Retreat with Melaney Ryan

To register you interest in our next upcoming retreat please click the link below to see our contact page.

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