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ITA Remote Alignment

ITA can be performed remotely so you can benefit no matter where you are located

ITA can be performed remotely just as effectively as in person.

Remote ITA is suitable for everyone, especially if you are:

  • Travelling for work and are unable to attend an appointment

  • On vacation and require a treatment

  • Not located near a trained ITA practitioner and unable to attend a face-to-face appointment

  • Unwell and not capable of physically attending an appointment


There are two options for remote alignments with Melaney


Option 1: 1/2 hour Skype or messenger call to have a discussion with Melaney, followed by a remote alignment. 


Option 2: Purely remote work during which Melaney will work on you distantly and do your remote alignment while in a meditative state.


All remote alignments include feedback and/or home-care via email.

Session details

Mode of delivery: 


Remote treatment with optional Skype or messenger discussion



One hour per session


"The Skype/remote sessions with Melaney are a solid foundation for me to question, assess and grow within myself and my life. To have the mentoring session followed by the remote alignment is a perfect combo. The mentoring gives me clarity and renewed strength. The remote alignments are  recharging, refueling, and  re aligning of all the systems, where I sink into a deep blissful state. I love them.

It is a comfort to have Melaneys guidance and wisdom in my life, as I trust it comes from a place of pure love. 
Melaneys patience and support is unwavering, she has facilitated the journey of self discovery and I am deeply humbled and grateful to have her in my life. 


This last year I found myself in a very hairy situation, I could not and would not have handled the situation if it wasn’t for Melaney. From over the other side of the world she was there supporting me, she worked on me remotely and I can honestly say this helped with my recovery 100%. My mental and physical state would not have recovered if it wasn’t for her alignments. The love and support she gave me through that time and actually always has been such a gift."

T.J, 2019

"Thank you for the fortnightly mentoring sessions Melaney. They once again demonstrate your ability to clearly see through the layered questioning and sense the true questions being asked. Your spoken word has invoked deep and powerful transformations within myself, health, life & business. The effects are being felt by myself, clients and others through all interactions in life. Thank you!"

N.R, Perth

 Treatment fee $220

Personalised treatment with Melaney Ryan

Melaney Ryan

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