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In Level One Mahat Meditation we are activating and building the central core and amplifying the inner magnetic force.


The chakras are activated in a specific sequence using colour (frequency) and sound (tone). Energy is moved in circular motions over the chakras towards the left and right. The right turns are registered within the subconscious mind of the cognitive brain to balance past aspects of self, and the left turns are registered within the love of the heart brain to build on our connection to supreme truth.


Colour and sound are used to sensitise the chakras and build their ‘muscle’, allowing us to amplify our connection, expression and self-awareness on all levels.


Once activated, single points of light are drawn out from the chakras and connected in specific sequences so the function of the chakras can become unified. It is within these unified points of light that we can remain in momentary stillness to create a zero point of integration.


The zero point is a point of potential – a creative space. It is within the stillness of the zero point within the void that we let go into an undirected and receptive awareness.


We end the sequence by affirming the highest aspects of our being, making acknowledgement to the Earth star and soul star. We then direct the force generated within the central core back to the Earth. This movement reconnects us to our original state of unification with the Earth, providing a depth of grounding and further expansion into insight and awareness.


We are simply providing the systems with another layer of functional awareness to assist our individual and collective evolution through the realisation of our greatness. We are also giving back to the Earth in a simple and direct way.

Sat on the Rocks

Our physical and energetic body are connected.

The human system is like a vehicle, if you don’t understand the mechanics of the vehicle you can’t drive it efficiently or fix it when it’s out of balance.

How do the Mahat Meditation sequences work and progress?

Level One Mahat Meditation - Introduces a refined and simplified energetic filter, increases central magnetic force and builds a deeper connection to the Earth which allows us to nurture the Earth with the energy generated in each practice. The amplified magnetic force of pure love emerges through the activation of the heart intelligences bringing clarity, purpose and directorship to our life experience through the integrated higher senses. Practice of the Level One Mahat Meditation sequence prepares the systems for the integration of succeeding Mahat Meditation sequences. It is likened to strength training in a gym for the energy systems.


Level Two Mahat Meditation - This sequence deepens our Earth connection, activates the heart brain and stabilises the relevant connection points to awaken higher intelligence. During this sequence, energy is directed in upward and downward movements between the Earth and soul stars. The upward and downward movements break down the duality expression of polarity and awaken the potential for a non-duality experience of truth. A dedicated Level Two Mahat Meditation practice brings us to a state of neutrality where we experience no desire and no resistance, allowing a constant resonance of pure love.

Level Three Mahat Meditation - This sequence builds the connections between the Earth star, the four evolved chakras, the eight energy vortices and soul star. When this series of activations is integrated we are not bound by dimensional reality. A deep inner joy is awakened.

Level Four Mahat Meditation - This sequence increases the level of coordination between the eight energy vortices and the eight extraordinary vessels. Single threads of light are drawn from within vortex pairs and brought together to meet, forming single points of light. This action resonates within the collective consciousness of humanity. A deeper realisation of our connection with the Earth, our place within consciousness and our union with light is experienced.

Blue and red ray yantra

Sacred heart yantra

Four evolved chakras

What will happen to my existing systems?

Activating dormant layers and functions within the energy systems doesn’t mean that anything  is being removed.


We are simply awakening a supportive framework to assist the body in carrying the increasing frequency of light. These shifts in consciousness - the lifting of light frequency and tone and transformations in our human functions - are already happening right now.


Mahat Meditation offers us the opportunity to consciously engage with this process.

Is the Mahat Meditation experience the same for everyone?

The true experience of Mahat Meditation is far beyond anything that can be described in words.


We each have a very personal experience because each individual is complex and made up of countless expressions and reflections. These individual aspects will inform you in ways that only you will understand.


When information presents through these aspects of self, either through images or words, try to feel what is within the experience. Feel instead of think your way through your journey. Developing this ability will bring you to a profound knowing of your own greatness.


Mahat Meditation brings a shared experience of a deep knowing, one that is difficult to describe.


When we activate the Mahatma energy we share the experience of knowing the greatness within all that is – the I Am that I Am.


Melaney Ryan
Online Facilitator

Course details

Course contents


Mahat Meditation is beyond mindfulness

Basic terms and concepts   

The Mahatma energy   

The seeker   

The seven sparks of light to activate higher awareness  

The four divine sparks   

Alignment position  

Grounding to the 10th chakra and 9th chakra    

Grounding and anchoring technique    

Basic energy anatomy   

Tan tiens and figure eight technique   

Balancing cellular memory yantra    

Lifting light frequency yantra

Working with the heart channels   

Heart channel locations 

Sacred heart yantra

Unifying the minds - the foundation of connection 

Alignment of the cognitive and heart brains   

Unification of the minds within the heart brain

Three heart intelligences with earth and soul stars – yantra    

Blue and red ray yantra   

Four evolved chakras   

What are we bringing into being when we practice Level One Mahat 

Central core yantra   


How and why have the main chakras come to function as seven 

 The three lower chakras, what they provide and what they govern in duality   

What happens as the three lower chakras unify?   

How do the Mahat Meditation sequences work and progress?   

What will happen to my existing systems?    

If this is already happening, can I just sit back and let it unfold?   

Why does the transformation process affect the physical body?    

Is the Mahat Meditation experience the same for everyone?  

The role of the Hum mantra 


Points to remember during your practice

Mahat Meditation sequence

Breathing techniques and energetic exercises to assist practice    

Abdominal breathing technique

CV GV breathing  

Alternate nostril breathing


Internal channel technique 




Age 14 and over



Online using video conferencing software



12 hours total:

8 x 1.5 hour live lectures

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Tuesday 19th of October 2021 

Lecture 1 | Tuesday 19th October | 8.00pm-9.30pm

Lecture 2 | Tuesday 26th October | 8.00pm-9.30pm

Lecture 3 | Tuesday 2nd November | 8.00pm-9.30pm

Lecture 4 | Tuesday 9th November | 8.00pm-9.30pm

Lecture 5 | Tuesday 16th November | 8.00pm-9.30pm

Lecture 6 | Tuesday 23rd November | 8.00pm-9.30pm

Lecture 7 | Tuesday 30th November  | 8.00pm-9.30pm

Lecture 8 | Tuesday 7th December| 8.00pm-9.30pm


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