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Enrolments are now open for the first Mahat Meditation course of 2024

Weekly live classes will run 8.00pm - 9.30pm AWST

April 10, 17, 24
May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

All classes are recorded and stored in the student portal for access

8 LIVE online classes 

A personal message from Melaney Ryan

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I believe reuniting with the greatness of our Mahat soul – our true divine essence which is One with all - is the purpose of life.


Mahat Meditation offers a pathway towards this, on a personal level and also as a collective of individuals choosing to live in our true state of unity.

This is at once a miraculous experience as we rediscover our infinite potential for conscious co-creation, as well as a grounded way of living with more tolerance, kindness and peace.

On a foundation of respect, accurate perception and by following the laws of energy, Mahat Meditation reawakens our soul connection with the Earth and our own truth. As this reconnection deepens, so does our depth of wisdom. It is in reawakening wisdom that we reconnect with universal consciousness.

Whatever your personal goals are – from feeling more joyful and peaceful in everyday life, through to spiritual enlightenment - I hope you are able to achieve a depth of connection with your true authentic nature through Mahat Meditation.


And if you do achieve this, I ask that you carry it with you in every exchange with humility and gratitude to the matrix of higher intelligence.


We are one. We are unified. We stand in pure love.


Melaney Ryan


"It is possible to experience a world based in love – the process starts with you. Mahat Meditation offers guided steps towards finding love and unity within the self."

Melaney Ryan

Image by Mike Castro Demaria

Mahat Meditation is an active meditation practice that builds inner force and accelerates our personal evolution. Rather than simply emptying the mind or visualising tranquil imagery, we are using chi, divine energy, colour and sound to activate areas of the energy system in a specific sequence. 
During the meditation sequences there are stillness and integration points which allow the meditator to experience a deep sense of inner stillness.

What is Mahat Meditation?

Mahat Meditation offers a systematic approach to activating and coordinating our multi-layered energy system so we can integrate the dormant aspects of self. Ultimately, we are reuniting with our true essence or great Mahat soul.


This is an active and guided meditation practice that builds inner force and accelerates our personal evolution.


Rather than simply emptying the mind or visualising tranquil imagery, we are using chi, divine energy, colour and sound to activate different areas of the energy systems in a specific sequence.

The active nature of Mahat Meditation results in the mind of the meditator staying focused and engaged. 

During the meditation sequences there are stillness and integration points, which allows us to experience a deep sense of inner peace.


What happens as we progress in Mahat Meditation?

There are five levels in Mahat Meditation. Level One builds a solid structure for the continuing reactivation of our higher energy systems, using chi moved in a specific sequence to awaken and exercise dormant aspects of the self.


Level Two circulates a certain level of our awakened energy through our systems, Level Three further activates the higher energy centres, Level Four re-imprints old patterns with the higher truth of the self, and Level Five connects us to the infinite energy.


The full journey of Mahat Meditation spiritually activates the five lobes of the brain and demonstrates how the brain, the five elements of the Earth and the energy systems are all interconnected and determine how we perceive the present moment and external world.


Awakening and realising our higher make-up helps us build and hold our magnetic force, which allows us to more easily manifest and co-create our experiences.


At all levels of Mahat Meditation we are activating the lower and higher energy points that help us align lower emotions and distracting thoughts.

University research shows the benefits of Mahat Meditation

Research conducted at Murdoch University in Western Australia shows that 100 per cent of participants found that Mahat Meditation impacted positively on their overall wellbeing, encompassing the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of self.


Through practising this meditation, participants reported deeper relaxation, stillness, calmness, less anxiety and an improved ability to handle stress.


The research shows 94 percent of Mahat Meditators viewed themselves differently as a result of their practice, feeling a sense of coming home to the true self and a stronger sense of their inner reality. 96 percent reported their views of others and relationships changed, bringing - 


  • Increased tolerance for self, others and life

  • The ability to see more of the goodness in people

  • More kindness

  • Greater acceptance and allowance in life

  • Less need to control people and situations

  • Less ego orientation

  • More detachment

  • Increased gratitude

Why is Mahat Meditation unique?

Mahat Meditation is founded on a systematic approach to activating our higher energy systems, created by Melaney Ryan as a culmination of 36 years of experience in personal energy medicine practice and spiritual studies and meditation.


It can be learned by anyone who holds the belief that there is more to how we are perceiving and experiencing life than what we see in the physical realms alone.


There is no need to carry any extraordinary gifts to feel or see energy – anybody can learn to practice Mahat Meditation.

Mahat Meditation is a uniquely comprehensive system that is –


  • A clearly articulated set of movements focussing on moving chi through the energy systems with a specific therapeutic purpose, rather than just focussing on breath or clearing the mind.

  • A progressive practice available at a level suitable for children through to the five more advanced levels for adults. This means anyone can learn this meditation approach, whatever their age or understanding of energy systems, and their knowledge and strength will be built in stages over time according to their interest and need.

  • Effective whether or not you understand the theory that sits behind it. It is a systematic and guided meditation approach so students can simply follow the steps and experience the benefits even if they can't remember the significance of each movement or every aspect of the energy body.

  • Developed by a living master with a well-documented lineage of spiritual teachers. 

  • A holistic approach to reconnecting with our true essence that is connected to, and complemented by, the ITA energy medicine methodology. This means students can access support from an ITA practitioner for their personal/emotional development and/or health issues and incorporate specific therapeutic affirmations and focus areas into their meditation practice.

  • Scientifically shown to improve students' lives by supporting personal development goals and enabling them to manage emotions and avoid being pulled and controlled by negative emotions.


How do I start with Mahat Meditation?

Those 14 years and above begin with Level One Mahat Meditation, and can then continue through the progressive levels up to five as desired.

What you will experience in Level One Mahat Meditation

Practicing the Level One Mahat Meditation sequence prepares the systems for the integration of the succeeding levels. It is likened to strength training in a gym for the energy systems!

We are activating and building the central core and amplifying the inner magnetic force.

The chakras are activated in a specific sequence using colour (frequency) and sound (tone).

Energy is moved in circular motions over the chakras towards the left and right. The right turns are registered within the subconscious mind of the cognitive brain to balance past aspects of self, and the left turns are registered within the love of the heart brain to build on our connection to supreme truth.

We use colour and sound to sensitise the chakras and build their ‘muscle’, allowing us to amplify our connection, expression and self-awareness on all levels.

Once activated, single points of light are drawn out from the chakras and connected in specific sequences so the function of the chakras can become unified. It is within these unified points of light that we can remain in momentary stillness to create a zero point of integration.

The zero point is a point of potential – a creative space. It is within the stillness of the zero point within the void that we let go into an undirected and receptive awareness.

We end the sequence by affirming the highest aspects of our being, making acknowledgement to the Earth star and soul star. We then direct the force generated within the central core back to the Earth. This movement reconnects us to our original state of unification with the Earth, providing a depth of grounding and further expansion into insight and awareness.

We are simply providing the systems with another layer of functional awareness to assist our individual and collective evolution through the realisation of our greatness. We are also giving back to the Earth in a simple and direct way.

Image by Chelsea Gates

Our physical and energetic bodies are connected

Within each individual is the potential inner force to evolve our awareness, and to transform and know once more that we are of the Earth. There is no separation, we are one.

Who should enrol in Level One Mahat Meditation?

People choose to embark on a Mahat Meditation pathway for varied reasons. Some of us wish to live with more joy, peace and fulfilment in day to day life. Some of us are spiritual seekers of enlightenment. Some of us want to assist in the raising of consciousness for humanity and the Earth.


Each Mahat meditator will have very personal drivers, and a unique experience of their practice, because each individual is complex and made up of countless expressions and reflections. These individual aspects will inform and drive you in ways that only you will understand.

Image by Darius Bashar

Seeking self-development

You may choose to practice Mahat Meditation as a self-development tool to increase your self-awareness and help you feel more peaceful and joyful.


Practising this meditation helps you manage yourself so you are not as pulled by lower emotions and stresses, while also helping optimise your physical health and overall wellbeing.

Image by Patrick Schneider

For spiritual seekers

Mahat Meditation offers a pathway for those seeking to consciously reunite with their soul and experience unity consciousness. 


You may yearn to deeply know yourself. When we activate the Mahatma energy we share the experience of knowing the greatness within all that is – the I Am that I Am.

Image by Daniel Mingook Kim

To fuel world peace and unity

There is great suffering in our world as humanity struggles with the experience of duality or separation consciousness.


You may wish to practice Mahat Meditation to raise your own consciousness as you also help the Earth and humanity to rise.

Course facilitator


Melaney Ryan is a fourth-generation energy worker with over 35 years of clinical experience as an energy therapist. She is the founder of the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness and developer of ITA Energy Medicine and Mahat Meditation.

Melaney’s intuitive knowledge of how to work with subtle energies was nurtured from an early age by her grandmother. Her great grandmother was an energy worker from the Canary Islands renowned for successfully treating a wide range of difficult ailments.

Building on her family lineage of skills and insight, and through training with great masters and working with thousands of clients, Melaney has been able to decode the processes of our integrated energy systems. Through this understanding she developed the ITA system of energy medicine and Mahat Meditation.

It is through sharing ITA that Melaney has been able to demonstrate the results she experiences in clinic can be repeated by anyone with the dedication to learn the sequences and practice the techniques.

Melaney is the author of over a dozen training manuals across the disciplines of ITA Energy Medicine and Mahat Meditation, with ITA recognised by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists and Mahat Meditation the subject of research by a prominent university in Perth, Western Australia.

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What you'll receive in the program:



Join Melaney Ryan in online training specifically designed to guide you through learning Mahat Meditation. On this platform students have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with Melaney, so you can be assured no questions will be left unanswered.

To see and connect with others learning Mahat Meditation is also a fun and engaging part of our online classes.



All LIVE classes are recorded and available to students via our student portal.







Joining our closed Facebook group just for Mahat Meditators is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people, share your experiences and ask questions.

We have Mahats of all levels of experience on the page, forming a community you can engage with as little or as much as you wish. There is a wealth of experience you can draw upon, or simply share with a supportive community.

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What our Mahat students are saying.

See our testimonials from past students who have completed Mahat Meditation Level One

Practicing Mahat Meditiation has allowed me to go deep within and know myself on deeper level, which keeps evolving. While it is an active mediation process, I have found such stillness and clarity of thought from practicing.  I am able to meditate without my thoughts distracting me and get to such a beautiful and sacred space which I cherish.  I highly recommend Mahat Meditation to anyone looking for a meditation practice, whether beginner or novice, and discover the stillness within.


I am extremely excited about discovering Mahat Meditation. This course has exceeded my expectations, offering a grounded, systematic, gentle way to reach the place on my spiritual path I want to be. I’m loving the knowledge being shared by Melaney and for the first time look forward to my meditation practice knowing exactly how to proceed in a way that I know will bring about the desired result. Words cannot describe the depth of love, wisdom and guidance I experienced.


Level One Mahat Meditation has been a great tool for me to work with unification of the self. This practice has also given me the tools to strengthen my connection to the Earth and give back to the Earth at the end of each practice. I find it very powerful to practice this meditation in a group or in nature, and I look forward to continuing my spiritual journey with Level Two Mahat Meditation. I extend a very big thank you to Melaney for sharing this course. I highly recommend Mahat Meditation! 


Course contents 

Basic terms and concepts of Mahat Meditation

The Mahatma energy

The seven sparks of light to activate higher awareness

The four divine sparks


The alignment position

Basic energy anatomy

Tan tiens and figure eight technique

Unifying the minds - the foundation of connection

Alignment of the cognitive and heart brains

Unification of the minds within the heart brain

Mahat Meditation four evolved chakras

How and why have the main chakras come to function as seven

The three lower chakras, what they provide and what they govern in duality

What happens as the three lower chakras unify

How the Mahat Meditation sequences work and progress

The role of the Hum mantra

Level One Mahat Meditation sequence

Visual meditation using yantras


Exercises to assist your Mahat Meditation practice

Course length approximately 12 hours total

Live Lectures

None of our lectures are pre recorded

Online Learning

Not limited by location, our classes are fully online anyone can join.

Anyone can learn Mahat

No prior meditation experience is needed 

Reserve your spot in our April 2024 intake

All live classes run 8.00pm - 9.30pm AWST


April 10, 17, 24
May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29



All classes are recorded and stored in the student portal for access

Empower yourself

Please see a few testimonials from our students and their experiences with mahat and how it changed their lives forever.

Mahat Meditation learning pathways

There are five levels in Mahat Meditation for adults (minimum age is suggested as 14), and you will learn theory and practice meditation at each stage.


Starting from Level One, you will build a solid structure for the continuing reactivation of the higher energy systems, using chi moved in a specific sequence to awaken and exercise dormant aspects of the self.


Level Two circulates a certain level of our awakened energy through our systems, Level Three further activates the higher energy centres, Level Four re-imprints old patterns with the higher truth of the self, and Level Five connects us to the infinite energy.

We also offer Mahat Meditation for children, an adapted practice suitable for younger people.


"Energy moves from the outer energy body into the inner physical body and back out again. Imbalance at the physical level can occur when unbalanced emotions/beliefs/conditionings are reinforced by thoughts and continuously distributed into and out of the systems by the subconscious mind. 

The more attuned we become to the energy systems the easier it becomes to detect changes and balance them before they manifest as physical, mental or emotional imbalance."  

~ Unifying the Minds by Melaney Ryan 

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