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Level 4

In Level Four Mahat Meditation we are activating the vortices in a specific sequence to align with the non duality based movement of energy that is ever present within consciousness.

The Level Four Mahat Meditation sequence places specific intent to the eight energy vortices. The eight extraordinary vessels are then activated within the stillness points of the meditation. These actions allow the meditator to re-imprint any limiting aspects stored within the various layers of their physical, psychological and spiritual makeup utilising the links between the energy anatomy, physical body and minds.

Soul contracts, personal architectural blueprints, cellular re-patterning are some of the aspects that can be addressed through practice of this sequence.

An alternative perspective on five element theory is presented in the Mahat 4 teachings which provides valuable insight into the difference between the movement of energy in duality based consciousness and non-duality based consciousness.

With regular practice of Level Four Mahat Meditation the four evolved chakras become an integrated aspect of our energy systems. Cognitive brain dominance gives way to the full integration of the heart brain.


We can move freely between the layers of duality and non-duality and increase our ability to co-create our reality in alignment with supreme truth.

Movement - between duality and non-duality

As we progress in our Mahat Meditation practice, the various layers of the energy systems that we awaken through each sequence become more stable.


This brings a shift in the way energy moves through us both inwardly and outwardly, which in turn effects how we perceive and experience all things.  


The practice of Mahat Meditation serves to bring humanity out of the duality state of being and into the non-duality state.


Even though much of humanity is still functioning in a duality state, the potential for both ways of being are always present within consciousness and running simultaneously.


Our experience of reality depends on the level of light frequency, rate of movement of this frequency and how we adjust to the speed of the movement. 

Through ITA and Mahat Meditation we are reactivating dormant layers of the energy systems.

With discipline and regular practice these layers become more coordinated and we begin to function outside of the limited seven chakral system in a more expanded form that is closer to the non-duality state. 

Vortices & the eight extraordinary vessels

There are distribution channels within the physical body carrying the energy from the vortices.

In ITA and Mahat Meditation we describe them as the eight extraordinary vessels – this is the name they are given in ancient Chinese texts on medicine, movement and wisdom practice.


The vortices are able to guide our physical development from the embryonic stage onward through the eight extraordinary vessels, flowing divine energy from the matrix to the grid to the web, through the vortices and extraordinary vessels into matter. 


The meridian pathways are formed to distribute chi from the chakras after the formation of the extraordinary vessels.


Activation of the vortices during the Level Three Mahat Meditation practice activates and realigns these primary channels. These structures provide Mahats with the opportunity to return to source. 

Aside from the governing and conception vessels, the extraordinary vessels do not have their own acupressure points.


Instead they are traditionally worked with through specific point pairings through the 12 meridian pathways as a way of assisting individuals with psychoemotional pain resulting in physical/shen imbalance.


This work is not undertaken by many practitioners due to the sensitive nature of the memory stored within these channels and the impact it can have when activated out of alignment with the individual will and universal law.


In Mahat Meditation we are working with these channels through the vortices. When approached through the vortices we are placing an intention to work with these aspects in alignment with divine energy so the intention will only be received if it is in alignment with the individual will and their personal level of self-development.

Re-imprinting with the extraordinary vessels through vortices to

co-create and manifest

All that we need is within us. By knowing what links to what within the overall makeup of the self, we hold a vital key in understanding this truth.


Mahat Meditation takes us step by step to self-realisation and the experience of joy within ourselves in each moment and exchange.


We can also experience the ability to interplay at a higher level in our manifestations. 



Level Four Mahat Meditation gives us the ability to reprogram what is no longer serving us through stillness within the meditation.


Each evolved chakra links to a specific vortex pair which link to primary and secondary channels (extraordinary vessels). The evolved chakras and vessels carry specific influences and qualities.


The vortices are the gateways for re-imprinting these aspects of self if we wish to experience a reality without these influences becoming overriding factors in our process of self-realisation.


What a great gift we have before us. As living examples of this potential we become a
demonstration of this truth for future generations.

mahat 4 -4.JPG

Level 4 Mahat Light Structure

mahat 4.JPG

Integration of the Heart Intelligences and Blue and Red Ray

Melaney Ryan
Online Facilitator

Course details

Course contents

Raising vibrational frequency
Movement - between duality and non-duality
Movement of energy through the elements in duality
Main seven chakras – duality based energy systems 
The seven sparks of light to activate higher awareness 
Expanded energy systems – potential for duality and non-duality Awareness begins to emerge
Integration of the vortices, three heart intelligences and blue and Red ray – fuelling non-duality
The four divine sparks
From oneness to duality and back again
Location of the eight main vortices
Vortices – eight extraordinary vessels
Mahat meditation approach to the eight extraordinary vessels
Vortices, meridian & element relationships – duality
Duality to non-duality energy systems – bricks of light
Non-duality based energy systems – four evolved chakras 
Main seven and four evolved chakra relationships
Integration and interplay between the evolved and duality based Chakras and elements
Vortices and extraordinary vessels – non-duality energy channels
Non-duality vortices and extraordinary vessel relationships
Movement of energy through the elements to non duality
Extraordinary vessels - primary channels
Extraordinary vessels - secondary channels
Soul star – influences and energy channels
Wisdom point – influences and energy channels
Yin and yang linking vessels (wei mai) - secondary channel qualities and Influences
Perineum point – influences and energy channels
Earth star – influences and energy channels 
Yang and yin heel vessels (qiao mai) secondary channels and Influences 
Level four mahat meditation light structure
Re-imprinting - working with the extraordinary vessels through the Vortices to co-create and manifest 
Breathing technique and hand mudras to assist your level four Practice
Level four mahat meditation sequence
Level four mahat meditation sequence with re-imprinting 
Level four mahat meditation sequence - movement through the Elements
Melaney’s original level four mahat meditation diagram
Unification of the minds within the heart brain
Three heart intelligences with earth and soul stars –yantra



Age 14 and over, Completion of Level One, Two and Three Mahat Meditation



Online using video conferencing software 



12 hours total:

8 x 1.5 hour live lectures

Please view our refund policy here 

Next start dates: 


Next course to be announced.

Course Fee: $440 AUD

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