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Level 3

In Level Three Mahat Meditation we are focusing on main key points as your meditation practice progresses.


  • To find a balance within the mind, body and emotions.

  • Train the mind through repetition to accept only what is in harmony with the I Am That I Am. 

  • Adjust the I Am Not as soon as it presents. Never go inwardly on a negative. 

  • Align any outdated beliefs, conditioning patterns, traits and behaviors that no longer serve you. 

  • Maintain discipline and continued effort in cultivating accurate perception in your daily life.  

  • Identify and follow your passions. 

  • Strive for excellence and inner wisdom.  

  • Know that continued practice of Mahat Meditation builds your connection with the direct knowledge - the higher intelligence within the Matrix. 

  • Embodiment of the fully awakened mind, the higher intelligence - the universal matrix. 

  • Activation of the divine energy channels within the human energetic structure. 

  • Full integration of the higher soul within the heart. 

  • Activation of the divine spark.

  •  Development of the higher pineal and pituitary functions. 

  • Molding of the three lower chakras.

  •  Building of the light body vehicle. 

  • Third eye activation, the Heaven on Earth experience including telepathy and bilocation, etheric light body activation, ability for conscious co-creation.

The seven sparks of light to activate higher awareness

In addition to laying the foundation for our Mahat Meditation practice, working through the seven sparks of light establishes a strong foundation of self-development understanding. 

These tools will support you as you guide yourself through the tests and challenges that present as we advance in our meditation practice together.

Crystalline structure

Human form is shifting from carbon-based matter into a multi dimensional crystalline structure.

This needs to occur so our physical bodies can embrace the increasing amounts of light moving through the Earth’s grid. 

Within our physical make up, our cells are reconfiguring from a carbon-based structure to a crystalline one.


This creates a prism through which the light can pass for illumination of the self, resulting in self-realisation. 


This alignment of self allows us through the black hole within our universe of matter to an anti matter universe of pure white light.


The universe of pure white light is our multi dimensional place of existence and true origin where matter, duality, fear and confinement do not exist. All is One. 

The role of the pineal gland

The pineal gland represents the eye of the wisdom of the Beloved. This is where the function of the three heart intelligences combine. It holds our primitive state - the original blue print - the single cell that commenced the development of the evolving self. 


The higher functions of the pineal gland shut down when we enter the solar plexus existence.

As part of the endocrine system, the human function of the pineal gland is to produce melatonin, which regulates our waking and sleeping states.


It does this in part by detecting an absence of light. It is the only organ in our entire body beside the eyes that can detect the presence and absence of light.


The pineal gland produces melatonin from serotonin which is produced by the pituitary gland - the physical activities of the pineal gland are directly related to the pituitary gland.


Imbalance indicators of the pineal and pituitary glands from an ITA perspective


Pineal gland   
• Disconnected, isolated 
• Doing what others say is right 
• Forgetting your intuition and gut feelings 
• Lack of self awareness 
• Forgetting greatness of the self 
• Self doubt, uncertainty, inflexibility   


Pituitary gland 
• Feeling low, at a standstill, depleted, suppressed, disheartened with life or others 
• Unsure, confused 
• Memory is sluggish 
• Carry fear to aspects of life and experiences 
• Difficulty in keeping decisions in place 
• A sense of tension in life  
Nurturing the energy of the pineal gland and pituitary glands will result in -
• Increased energy, physical endurance and stamina
• Youthful appearance
• Enhanced immunity
• Wisdom and inner knowing  


The energy body is the infant of the vortices.


The vortices are not fuelled by chi but by 'divine energy', and their development depends on that of our personal grid. 

The level of light presence within our personal web determines the light frequency within our personal grid.


The web determines what we feel, see, sense and know. 

The vortices are higher wheels of light that connect us to the divine.


They connect us to the higher realms therefore their development is vitally important if we are choosing to defeat the laws of gravity and experience non-separation, inter dimensional awareness and movement. 

mahat 3.JPG

Eight main vortices

Vortices have a major influence on our state of personal awareness as they carry a higher speed of light than in the chakras and human level energy systems.


The vortices are doorways that lead us into the higher light presence within the web.


From the web we can continue to deepen our self realisation until we reach a unified frequency where we can enter the matrix of higher intelligence.


If emotional balance has been achieved and we are no longer triggered or pulled by our heart strings.

These awakenings will bring up questions on self worth, criticism and lack of nurturing which forces us to look deeper within the self.


The heart energy provides a point of transformation, awareness and inner growth.


Feeling and surrendering into the heart releases the fear of the self and provides the opportunity to claim who you are.



Melaney Ryan
Online Facilitator

Course details

Course contents

Key points of focus to guide you as your mahat meditation practice
Who are you?    
Choice is creation    
Nurturing our energy body    
What we are building through mahat meditation    
The seven sparks of light to activate higher awareness    
The four divine sparks    
Crystalline structure    
The role of the pineal gland     

The physical and energetic antakarana     

Physical seed - the silver cord presence in the physical layer    
Emotional seed - the silver cord presence in the emotional layer    
Mental seed - the silver cord presence within our individual consciousness layer


The evolving chakras    
At an atomic level
Location of the eight main vortices    
Vortices – eight extraordinary vessels    
Diamond body technique
Evolved energy anatomy
Evolved chakras
Level three mahat meditation technique
Future generations



Age 14 and over, completion of Level One and Two Mahat Meditation



Online using video conferencing software 



12 hours total:

8 x 1.5 hour live lectures

Please view our refund policy here 

Course Fee: $440 AUD

Next start dates: 


Next course to be announced.

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