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Level 2

Continuing with Mahat Meditation

Build on your Mahat Meditation journey by learning Level Two Mahat Meditation. This course will give you a deeper understanding of the heart brain and points to awaken your higher intelligence. 

The Level Two Mahat Meditation sequence deepens our earth connection, activates the heart brain and stabilises the relevant connection points to awaken higher intelligence.


During this sequence, energy is directed in upward and downward movements between the earth and soul stars.


The upward and downward movements break down the duality expression of polarity and awaken the potential for a non-duality experience of truth.

The two cones of light synchronise as the individual falls deeper within the self and the merkabah light vehicle forms.


The pineal gland begins its reactivation process. 

We are anchoring the neutral current by moving threads of light from one chakra to another in upward, downward, and rotating movements utilising colour and sound. This awakens the dormant, four chakra structure.


The seven chakras can then align to their original positions as the central force increases within the central core and the Antakarana, increasing the resonance and lifting the frequency within the electromagnetic field and the atomic/DNA structures of the Mahat practitioner. 

A dedicated Level Two Mahat Meditation practice will bring us to a state of neutrality where we experience no desire and no resistance, allowing a constant resonance of pure love.

Sat on the Rocks

Our physical and energetic body are connected.

The human system is like a vehicle, if you don’t understand the mechanics of the vehicle you can’t drive it efficiently or fix it when it’s out of balance.

As our Level Two Mahat Meditation practice develops

  • The heart chakra descends and aligns with the Earth Star, providing full activation of the neutral channel carried within the silver cord.

  • The throat chakra descends and anchors to the negative point at the perineum. 

  • The three lower chakras unify and lift to the wisdom point activating the positive (The centre point of the light vehicle).

  • The forehead/ajna chakra lifts to align with the Soul Star.

  • The silver cord reconnects with the Antakarana, they both light up in activation.

Unification of the seven chakras into four

On entering into an egocentric consciousness, the connection to the Antakarana was severed and the lower chakras separated into the base, navel and solar plexus to facilitate the complex interplay of egocentric consciousness. This has left us with only the silver cord to facilitate communication with the higher soul. The silver cord is currently our only connection to source.

In terms of communication this is like going from communicating with the higher soul using a mobile phone with full signal to using two tin cans and a piece of string. 


Manifesting non-duality

Non-duality is achieved when the heart chakra realigns to its original position at the Earth Star. Here it is emerald green in colour and is our anchor or ‘foundation stone’ to the Earth. This creates the neutral current, which attract the positive and negative currents.


Non-duality is achieved when the heart resonance moves freely through the uninterrupted Shushumna channel and fully activated Antakarana. As the central core force builds, the white light also increases. 

How does the activation begin? 

The activation begins when the heart chakra aligns with the Earth Star. 


While the heart chakra remains in the chest, there is no activated current to balance the positive and negative energies. Presently the negative activation point is the perineum, the positive activation point is the wisdom point.


“The positive current awaits the activation of the negative. When charged, positive and negative currents are held, the magnetic force of attraction becomes strong enough to override the downward force of gravity and the energy will rise upwards. 
- Newton’s law of attraction/reaction




It is stated in many texts in the study of Kundalini that the Ida and Pingalla both spiral up the Shushumna channel when activated and that this increases the Kundalini level. This concept is incomplete.


Or perhaps it was complete, and simply relative to the time in which it was written.   
In the Mahat Meditation teachings, it is shown that the neutral current needs to be activated first, before the negative and positive can spiral up.


The Kundalini measure cannot rise until the neutral current is fully anchored within the Earth.


A series of further activations are triggered when the neutral current is activated and the Kundalini naturally rises as a measure of this activation process. 

From here they begin the dance upward from the Earth Star to the perineum to the wisdom point creating a unified link between the silver cord and the Antakarana. 

mahat 2 -2.JPG

Sacred heart release

mahat 2.JPG

Full body energy anatomy

Rising Kundalini Measure & The Seven Lights of the Soul

It is the rising of the Kundalini measure to the chest area that ignites the seven lights of the soul. 


When the (+) and (-) mould in the chest area the seven heart channels or seven doorways to the soul move from the chest to above the head through the expanded Shushumna channel.


The seven heart channels ascend and unify with the activated seven lights of the soul.


Their unified function is to allow higher frequencies to enter the systems and to filter the energy so that the higher frequencies can be integrated into the human body through the crown chakra.

Activation of the Merkabah

The activation of the Merkabah begins with the Unifying of the Minds. 


When this is achieved the wisdom point and centre point of the Merkabah become one. 


Following the activation process outlined previously the Kundalini measure, the chakras, the central force, the silver cord, and the Antakarana blend facilitating the Merkabah activation. 


This creates a disk of light surrounding the individual as the central force goes into top gear, allowing access to the matrix of higher consciousness. The disk will continue to grow as the central force continues to become stronger. 


This is what allows us to transport from one dimension to another bringing us closer to Self, the knowing of All That Is – the I Am That I am. 

Course details



Age 14 and over, completion of Level One Mahat Meditation

Online using video conferencing software 



12 hours total:

8 x 1.5 hour live lectures

Next start dates: 


Next course to be announced.

Meet the facilitator

Melaney Ryan
Online Facilitator

Course contents

Basic terms and concepts in Mahat Meditation study and practice


Mahat symbols and what they represent    


Soul memory    


What are we bringing into being when we practice Mahat Meditation?    


Points to remember during your mahat meditation practice     


Unification of the seven chakras into four    


As our Level Two Mahat Meditation practice develops… 


Manifesting non-duality    


How does the activation begin?    


Signs of rising kundalini measure    


The seven lights of the soul    


Does this activation process bring us to enlightenment?    


The evolving antakarana


Activation of the merkabah – the light vehicle 


Full body energy anatomy


Purging/cleansing rotation    


Building/fuelling rotation


Sacred heart release    


Mahat meditation level two sequence    


Evolved energy anatomy


Manifestation technique - re-programming the subconscious mind


Prayer of st. Francis of Assisi     


Please view our refund policy here 

Course fee: $440 AUD

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