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Tier 1


Registration is now open for the first ITA energy medicine course of 2024

13 LIVE online classes to fulfil your purpose and to understand ITA energy medicine

A personal message from Melaney Ryan

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ITA is a systematic approach to energy medicine, made up of the insights and tools I work with to hold my own balance and to assist others in discovering and holding theirs. I have chosen to share this work with as many people as I can in this lifetime because I believe ITA and energy medicine as a whole have a placement in our world.

With any form of energy work, it is not about being ‘gifted’ or ‘special’ as history would have us believe. Energy is simply what we are. Being prepared to feel more and in unconventional ways is how we come to know this for ourselves.

When ITA self-development exercises are practiced, people can see, feel and know intuitively. When ITA sequences are performed accurately in a clinical setting, practitioners are achieving consistent positive outcomes for clients with a very broad range of conditions.

Anyone carrying humility, dedication and willingness to develop their innate intuitive abilities can be successful in learning the ITA system.

May this training assist you in awakening your true nature, to create positive change within yourself for our Earth and for present and future generations. 

With gratitude to you for stepping forward to explore this work, I wish you all the best.

"The body suffers when we hold onto destructive thoughts, emotions and beliefs.


Through ITA Energy Medicine, you can learn how to bring the energetic, physical, psychological and emotional aspects of a person into balance and harmony."

Melaney Ryan

Image by Mike Castro Demaria

Over the past few decades Melaney has realised that ITA is one of a kind in the realms of energy medicine, offering students a toolkit of unique techniques that can be learned and practised by anyone. 

Philosophy of ITA

ITA maintains that the body suffers when we hold onto negative thoughts, emotions and attitudes. This way of being contributes to cellular breakdown and affects the neural pathways. For this reason, we do not just address physical symptoms in ITA; we also look at stored emotions, belief systems and conditioning patterns as key contributors to an imbalance.

ITA acknowledges the importance of respect for the external world and our environments, and encourages us to deepen our understanding of the role the external world plays in helping us learn life lessons. It is important to acknowledge that humans are part of nature and that the physical body, if we so choose, can become a conscious link between the Earth and the universe. 

These acknowledgements are part of the process of creating inner harmony and self-healing. ITA promotes ownership of the individual's creation of a richer life experience. Without inner joy, fulfilment and a sense of connectedness in life, it is more difficult to maintain balance and health on all levels.


ITA honours the unique individuality of each person and seeks to generate insight into the whole person. Personal history, emotional, psychological, physical, genetic, environmental and spiritual factors can all contribute to imbalance and recovery from imbalance. 

An ITA sequence and treatment plan is always chosen to meet the needs of the individual. 

Why is ITA unique? 

ITA is a three-tiered comprehensive system of energy medicine founded on a systematic approach, created by Melaney Ryan as a culmination of 36 years of experience in her personal practice. ITA also incorporates traditional eastern methods.


It can be learned by anyone who holds the belief that there is more to how we are perceiving and experiencing life than what we see in the physical realms alone. There is no need to carry any extraordinary gifts to feel or see energy – anybody can learn to practice ITA.

ITA is a uniquely comprehensive system that offers –


  1. A systematic approach to approaching all manner of conditions.

  2. Easy to follow sequences to use for specific outcomes.

  3. A series of processes that result in many people reporting they no longer get pulled by lower emotions.

  4. The clear and systematic understanding of the links between the physical body, energy body and the mind.

  5. A pathway to allow people to respond rather than react to situations that would normally cause an offset.

  6. A range of tools that allow people to align and ground the self and others.

During ITA Tier 1 you will learn

How the human energy systems connect to and interact with the physical body and the mind.

Basic energetic structures and energetic anatomy.

The foundational principles of ITA including yin and yang; polarity; duality and non-duality; the ‘I Am’ and the ‘I Am Not’; the three minds; the void; archetypes.

How to use ITA in clinical practice.

How to read the body using key energy points.

The relationship between emotions and organs.

How to work with auric layers.

Understanding of the chakra systems 

Understanding of the meridian channels and how they integrate.

Polarity channels and how they affect our overall balance and alignment. 

The five elements and how they assist movement in our lives.

Understanding how to build inner strength through the tan tiens.

How to refuel through the essence when you are feeling low or lacking energy.

Sat on the Rocks

Our physical and energetic bodies are connected

The human system is like a vehicle - if you don’t understand the mechanics of the vehicle you can’t drive it efficiently or fix it when it’s out of balance.

Who should enroll in this course?

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Seeking self-development

You can practice ITA on yourself and apply its understandings as a self-development tool to increase your self-awareness and spiritual growth, as well as to help optimise your physical health.


As you balance and align your energetic bodies, systems and pathways, an evolution in your consciousness occurs.

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Energy medicine 

career pathway

ITA can open many doors for you as a practitioner in the increasingly important and widely recognised field of energy medicine.


After completing ITA Tier 1 you are qualified to practice in a clinical setting, whether in-person or remotely. Remotely treating clients means they can be based anywhere in the world, and you can also assist people who are not physically able to attend in-person sessions.

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Assisting others

You may wish to practice ITA to help others in your life such as family, friends, children and pets. 

Having the ability to balance and align the energy systems of those you love is such a gift. It is priceless to be able to help others through times of physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual imbalance. 

Theory facilitators 


Melaney Ryan is a fourth-generation energy worker with over 35 years of clinical experience as an energy therapist. She is the founder of the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness and developer of ITA Energy Medicine and Mahat Meditation.

Melaney’s intuitive knowledge of how to work with subtle energies was nurtured from an early age by her grandmother. Her great grandmother was an energy worker from the Canary Islands renowned for successfully treating a wide range of difficult ailments.

Building on her family lineage of skills and insight, and through training with great masters and working with thousands of clients, Melaney has been able to decode the processes of our integrated energy systems. Through this understanding she developed the ITA system of energy medicine.

It is through sharing ITA that Melaney has been able to demonstrate the results she experiences in clinic can be repeated by anyone with the dedication to learn the sequences and practice the techniques.

Melaney is the author of over a dozen training manuals across the disciplines of ITA Energy Medicine and Mahat Meditation, with ITA recognised by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists and Mahat Meditation currently being researched by a prominent university in Perth, Western Australia.

Gina Witt .jpeg

Gina Witt is one of the founding ITA practitioners in the United States, a board certified pediatrician, and has been a licensed facilitator of MRIAC courses, including ITA Energy Medicine, Children’s Mahat Meditation, and ITA Learn to Meditate, for a number of years. 

ITA holds a special place in Gina’s heart, for it is the missing piece of the puzzle she had been searching for. She knew she had to go beyond the scope of Western medicine and osteopathic philosophy in order to find answers as to how to address the root cause of ailments. ITA provided her with that understanding. Gina shares, “I studied seven years between medical school and residency training, but I ended up disappointed, because I was not able to help people in the way I had envisioned. When I began learning ITA, I was deeply touched to have finally found the answers I was looking for: how to help other people and myself by addressing the root cause.”


Gina met Melaney Ryan in 2015 and formed an instant connection with the practice of ITA. By 2016, Gina was fully devoted to her training and completed ITA Tiers 1, 2, and 3, ITA Certification program, ITA Mental Health and Psychological Imbalance, and ITA for the Animal Kingdom. 


Gina has run her ITA Energy Medicine clinic since 2016 and continues to be deeply humbled by the practice. It is because of the profound ways in which ITA has shaped Gina’s life that she is committed to sharing the work as a facilitator, so more people can be assisted and find balance and alignment within themselves.


Christine Lomangino has been working as an energy therapist for 14 years and in 2016 she began her study as one of the founding ITA practitioners in the United States.  Christine has successfully completed her ITA training directly with Melaney Ryan in ITA Energy Medicine Tiers 1, 2 and 3 and all of the elective modules. In addition, Christine is among the first group of international students to earn the title of certified ITA practitioner.

One of Christine’s greatest joys is being a licensed facilitator for MRIAC, assisting like-minded individuals in the understanding of energy, consciousness and meditation through the facilitation of ITA Energy Medicine, ITA Learn to Meditate, ITA Energetic Self Care and ITA Movement.

Christine is the President of the ITA Energy Medicine Association and in 2018, she opened the first centre in conjunction with MRIAC in the United States in Bellport, New York.  

Christine is a board certified music therapist and an approved provider within the New York State’s Self Direction program for individuals with developmental disabilities, and has been passionate about fuelling the unique and special abilities of this population for 12 years.

Perth, Western Australia

Long Island, New York

Gina Witt .jpeg
Gina Witt
Practical Facilitator

Practical facilitators 

Beverly Dallas
Practical Facilitator
thumbnail_Kirsten Jean .jpg
Kirsten Frost
Practical Facilitator
Annette Crisp
Practical Facilitator
Christine Lomangino
Practical Facilitator

What you'll receive in the program:



Join Melaney Ryan and her licensed ITA facilitators in online training specifically designed to guide you through learning ITA energy medicine. On this platform students have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with Melaney and our licensed facilitators so you can be assured no questions will be left unanswered.

Throughout the online live training you will be provided an integrated understanding of the human energy systems and a working knowledge of how these systems connect to and interact with the physical body and the mind.

You will learn how to use powerful tools, techniques and energetic sequences for balancing and aligning the energy systems, the subconscious mind and the physical body.



All LIVE classes are recorded and available to students via our student portal.



At the end of your training you will receive two LIVE Q&A sessions with Melaney Ryan. These sessions are only available for this program and will assist with any questions you may have about ITA. In addition you will receive a further two previously recorded Q&A sessions with Melaney Ryan.





Join our ITA community! If you are located in Perth, Western Australia or Long Island, New York and have attended ITA, you are welcome to join our in-person practice sessions organised by the ITA Energy Medicine Association.



FREE 10 minute guided meditation to balance worry and overthinking, which is accessible via the student portal.

In this meditation, Melaney Ryan will guide you to help align the lower emotions. This is a simple practice you can include in your daily routine.

This meditation is suitable for everyone, including those  who have never meditated before. It is great for individuals who feel pulled by their lower emotions, feel stuck or wish to implement a general meditation practice. 

Balancing Worry and Overthinking.jpg
iPhoneBalancing and Overthinking.png


When people have been held up and motivated by prolonged stress and fear for long periods of time, it can be hard to understand this can be let go of. As this realisation occurs, we can experience some temporary physical or emotional responses as the body registers the potential for change and begins to let go of stored beliefs and old patterns.

It is essential that we learn to allow these sensations to move through the body without fear. When we realise what is no longer needed we can create space for the new.

Stress Management Mockup.png



Join us in an easy to use purpose built website where you will receive access to all the ITA Tier 1 materials. 



When you join the ITA Tier 1 community you will be invited to access our closed Facebook group where we have a large support base. Here you can engage in discussions, ask questions or post updates to other like-minded ITA Tier 1 graduates.

You will also be able to attend our ITA Tier 1 Continuing Professional Development Sessions (CPDS) with fellow practitioners online. This is great to collaborate with others around the world and further enhance your ITA understanding and skill development.

Our CPDS sessions are operated by the ITA Energy Medicine Association, to which you will access one year of free membership when you receive your ITA Tier 1 certification certificate.

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What our Tier 1 students are saying.

See our testimonials from past students who have completed ITA Tier 1

I have known Melaney Ryan since 2006. I was first introduced to her work in energy medicine as a patient in her clinic, and later went on to study the body of works that she created - ITA Energy Medicine and Mahat Meditation.  I have known Melaney in the capacity of therapist, teacher, mentor and now consider her a dear friend.
The knowledge I have gained from ITA has not only assisted in keeping the autoimmune condition I have stable, but also changed my perspective on life. I feel empowered to keep striving forward towards the goals and visions I have, and have the knowledge to draw from when I hit an obstacle.
Melaney's knowledge and expertise in energy medicine is vast, and all knowledge shared has been directly experienced by her. Her style is to lead by example, sharing her knowledge and passion whilst guiding individuals to be discerning and experiment in their own lives for results. I believe her to be a true leader and expert in her field. 
Melaney is a truly selfless and remarkable individual. She generously shares her knowledge and work in the hope it will make a difference in the lives of others. I know the difference it has made in the lives of my friends and family and look forward to Melaney reaching more lives internationally.

Connie Ng - ITA Tier 1 graduate


My journey began with Melaney five years ago after the sudden loss of my son.
Four weeks had passed when I received an unconditional offer from Melaney to have an energy alignment.
After receiving that initial alignment I felt amazing, something inside me had shifted that allowed me to cope.
I felt an internal strength, had greater clarity and a deeper understanding of life.
At that time I had been working as a practitioner for over 20 years in Kinesiology.
From such a major challenge, I had never before experienced such a profound result with myself or anyone else in such a short time.
ITA has allowed me to follow my passion by becoming a facilitator and assist in teaching.
The work is amazing, over and over again the difference it is making to so many lives is phenomenal.
The potential to touch so many more lives in the would be amazing.
It would be incredible to have Melaney assist other nations in this selfless service through the teachings. To bring a greater level of humility, understanding and awareness so that we can all achieve our full potential and live in a world of peace for generations to come.

Anette Crisp - ITA Tier 1 graduate & course facilitator


I came across MRIAC and Melaney Ryan three and a half years ago. I had been working in a career that was no longer fulfilling and my body was beginning to suffer pain that I linked to my employment situation. I had also been single for seven years after being in an unhealthy long term relationship. I was emotional and needed to find direction in my life.


I realised I had an interest in complementary health and began a search for a modality to study that resonated, to make a change in my life and for others. After exploring many possibilities and even partaking in study at other institutions, I realised that the study of ITA was for me.

The integrity of MRIAC and of Melaney Ryan is incomparable. Her passion for the sharing of her knowledge and demonstration of her absolute truth has been displayed in every interaction. Her teachings are highly insightful and the foundation of her work is honourable - to give back and assist humanity. Melaney’s teachings, drive and inner strength are a great source of inspiration.

In the time I’ve known Melaney, I have developed a strong sense of self, become empowered to make the changes in my life and have found a relationship with a man that has exceeded my hopes and dreams. I am balanced, grounded and no longer pulled by negative emotions. I have witnessed ITA help my sister through the trauma of tragically losing her husband and partner of 22 years. I have no doubt her recovery and the inner strength I found to support her and her children can be credited to ITA. I am beginning to work with clients of my own and observing changes within them, as are they and the loved ones around them. I feel blessed to be a part of the MRIAC community and to also give back by assisting my clients to move forward in their lives.

I strongly recommend Melaney Ryan as the founder and the work of ITA as an approach to health and wellness. I believe this work is highly effective and can make a great positive impact in this world.


Lisa Hood - ITA Tier 1 Graduate


Course information

ITA Tier 1 is spread out across 13 interactive theory lessons delivered online using Zoom conferencing software (class recordings are available to students). Four practical sessions are delivered in-person and also provided as online recordings for people not in the Perth, Western Australia, or Long Island, New York, locations. There are also follow up online Q&A sessions with Melaney for discussions and questions.

Course length approximately 53 hours total




  • Introduction to ITA

  • Chakras and ITA

  • Meridians 

  • Accupressure

  • Inner channel

  • Internal channel

  • Polarity activation points 

  • Auric layers

  • Tan tiens 

  • Key energy points




  • Principles of ITA

  • Yin and yang

  • Frequency 

  • Tone

  • Self

  • Polarity/duality/non-duality

  • The five elements 

  • 'I Am' and the 'I Am Not'

  • The three minds - three levels of self 

  • Thoughts and the belief system 

  • Shadow self 

  • Intent, affirmation and placement 

  • Essense 

  • Shen

  • Basics of chi

  • The void

  • Archetypes




  • Abdominal breathing and technique 

  • Alignment position and technique 

  • Alignment position benefits 

  • Grounding and anchoring and technique 

  • Solar plexus balancing and technique 

  • Kidney cleansing and breathing and technique 

  • Tan tiens and figure eight technique 

  • CV GV breathing and exercise

  • The three-eyes technique 

  • The internal channel and technique 




  • Inner smile and technique 

  • Inner smile practice with five major organs and endocrine glands

  • The endocrine glands 

  • Accessing the void and technique 

  • Managing any difficulty accessing the void 

  • ITA - eight fields within the base 

  • How to sensitise the hands for scanning 

  • How to scan energetically 

  • Working with an ITA pendulum 

  • Opening and closing the systems energetically 

  • Disposal unit 

  • Checking point - for scanning 

  • Transforming point - for purging/building

  • Tracking with an ITA crystal pointer 

  • Acupressure 

  • Acupressure seeds

  • Working with chakra and element cards




  • Important points for practitioners 

  • Considerations in providing an ITA treatment 

  • Positions for an ITA treatment 

  • Recommended sequencing of ITA Tier 1 techniques 

  • Signal points 

  • Possible resistance to treatment 

  • Energy blockages 




  • Key energy points

  • Understanding the language of the body

  • Key energy points chart

  • Emotional qualities of the main key energy points 

  • Stage 1 ITA alignment from step 1 to 16

  • Client assessment 

  • Performing a remote alignment and technique 

  • Post alignment considerations




  • Summary of class 1 to 6




  • The stress band and balancing technique 

  • Solar plexus balancing 

  • Tapping of the organs technique 

  • The three tan tiens and balancing 

  • Qualities of the tan tiens and building 

  • The energy layers of the auric field 

  • Human aura 

  • Auric planes 

  • Relationship between the energy bodies, chakras and physical body

  • Thoughts, emotions and their effect on the organs 

  • Back chakra organ relationship and affirmation chart

  • Preparing to work with the organs 

  • Organ assessment summary

  • Organ evaluation chart - main categories 

  • Organ assessment chart - emotional categories

  • Techniques for working with the ITA organs during an ITA alignment

  • Internal organs of the human body 




  • The five elements from an ITA perspective 

  • ITA five element questionnaire 

  • The five elements and their interactions

  • Elements and the seasons 

  • Summary chart of the five elements 

  • Emotional qualities and personal characteristics associated with the meridians and vessels in ITA five element theory

  • Element categories 

  • Element archetypes 

  • Incorporating the coloured archetypes into an ITA alignment 

  • Preparing client home care based on the ITA five element and shen understanding 

  • Sample home care letters - ITA five element and shen category




  • Working with front and back chakras 

  • Back chakras and their related categories within the chakras 

  • Scanning for information within the chakras

  • The main seven chakra pairings 

  • Yearly and seven yearly chakra cycles 

  • ITA chakra cycles chart

  • Working with the relevant yearly and seven yearly chakra cycles in treatment 

  • Chakra integration points for building non duality within the systems 

  • Accessing past imprints of existence during treatment through the chakras

  • ITA chakra questionnaire sheet




  • Yin/yang symbol

  • Relation to the organs and meridians 

  • ITA stage 1 yin/yang

  • Yin/yang balancing technique

  • Yin/yang pairing 

  • Meridians and associated symptoms 

  • Acupressure 

  • Balancing the flow of chi in meridian pathways 

  • Meridian alignment technique 

  • Working with the six key meridian pathways 




  • Essence and essence building technique in ITA 

  • Sample letters for client home care




  • Review lecture



Practical class

  • Practical training with ITA licensed facilitator



Practical class

  • Practical training with ITA licensed facilitator



Practical class

  • Practical training with ITA licensed facilitator



Practical class

  • Practical training with ITA licensed facilitator



Follow up Q&A

  • Follow up sessions for any additional questions



Follow up Q&A

  • Follow up sessions for any additional questions

ITA licensed facilitators

Throughout your ITA Tier 1 journey you will be taught by Melaney Ryan and licensed facilitators to guarantee you the best learning practice.

Global locations

Our classes are designed so you get the highest level of instruction and personalised hands-on time during our practical sessions.

Anyone can learn ITA

ITA is the first systematic approach offering students a toolkit for energy medicine understanding, allowing anyone to practise the techniques learned.

Our goal is to give you the tools that will last a lifetime

Upon completion of ITA Tier 1, you will receive a certificate of completion through MRIAC, a recognised platinum training provider by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists. You will have the knowledge to apply your ITA training either for yourself and loved ones or for the treatment of others in your own ITA Energy Medicine practice. 

Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 10.56.24
Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 10.56.24
Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 10.56.24

After completion of your ITA Tier 1 program you can choose to follow on with your studies into ITA Tier 2 and our certification program.

The ITA certification program is for practitioners who have completed Tier 1 and are enrolled in or have completed Tier 2 and seek to deepen their clinical knowledge and become more specialised. Certification recognises a practitioner’s further study, knowledge and experience.

Cert Program.png

ITA Tier 2 builds on the concepts, knowledge and skills acquired in ITA Tier 1. It provides an in-depth understanding of the higher energy systems and teaches energetic sequences to work with these systems and structures. ITA Tier 2 also qualifies students to become an ITA Lifecycles mentor. ITA Tier 2 deepens students’ understanding of our true capacity for active self-realisation. The Tier 2 course is extensive and conducted in two stages to allow for ease of integration of the content.

ITAEM logo - gold - 759x758.png

Being a member of the ITA Energy Medicine Association gives you access to a practitioner insurance fund certified by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists. This gives you the ability to obtain personal and public indemnity insurance which is recognised internationally. 

thumbnail_Seal 2019-16.png.png

ITA client case studies

case study icon.jpg
Case Study 1
Anxiety/Menstrual Imbalance
case study icon.jpg
Case Study 2
Restless Leg Syndrome, Insomnia & Developmental Delays
case study icon.jpg
Case Study 3
Fertility Issues

Reserve your spot in our May 2024 intake

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United States

Frequently asked questions


Are there prerequisites for this course/who is this course suitable for?

There are no pre-requisites. ITA Energy Medicine is suitable for anyone who has an interest in energy medicine and the human energy systems.


Can I begin to practice on clients after completing Tier 1?

Yes, after you complete ITA Tier 1 you can begin as an ITA Energy Medicine practitioner. It is recommended that you continue your studies to ITA Tiers 2/3 to have a larger range of tools and techniques under your belt as a practitioner.


Is there a governing/supporting body for ITA?

Yes, the ITA Energy Medicine Association is the governing body. This is a not-for-profit organisation which recognises practitioners of ITA Energy Medicine globally. The association offers continuing professional development meetings, support for practitioners, a practitioner directory and regular association meetings for those who would like to get involved.


I don’t know if I want to be a practitioner - can I study this course just for self-development or to help my family and friends?

Absolutely. ITA Energy Medicine provides a wealth of knowledge that is beneficial for anyone on a self-development journey. It is also suitable for people who don’t want to practice professionally but wish to have the skillset to assist family and friends.


Is ITA hands on or off treatment?

ITA incorporates both hands-on and hands-off movements, including gentle acupressure and movements above the body. However, you can do ITA purely as a hands-off treatment if this is required. You can also perform ITA from a distance as a remote alignment, as taught in ITA Tier 1.


There are no practical classes in my area, what are my options?

Please get in touch with us if there are no practical classes scheduled in your area. There are always options depending on your location.


Can I pay with a payment plan?

Yes, please get in touch with us if you’d like to organise a payment plan.


Can I still take this class if I don’t feel very in tune with energy?

You can! ITA practitioners run sequences of energy movements over the body of the recipient to send a message to the subconscious mind. This means that anyone who applies the sequence (whether or not you can feel energy) will have the same outcome.

Empower yourself

Please see a few testimonials from our students and their experiences with ITA and how it changed their lives forever.

ITA learning pathways

ITA is a three tiered program offering our students a path of development for themselves or their career.

ITA Tier 1

Short courses

(No pre-requisite)

ITA Movement

ITA Learn to Meditate

Understanding your Chakras


ITA Energetic Self-Care

Balancing Energetic Tone

Unifying the Minds

Etheric Hygiene

Activating Memory Channels

ITA Tier 3

ITA Tier 2

Elective courses

(Pre-requisite: Tier 1

and enrolled in Tier 2)

Mental and Psychological Imbalance

ITA for the Animal Kingdom

ITA Energy Medicine Certification Program

(Pre-requisite: Tier 1

and enrolled in Tier 2)

Why become an ITA practitioner?

ITA is at the forefront of energy medicine globally, and with so many people seeking a more meaningful and healthy life, this modality can be an important part of their life tool kit.


To date, thousands worldwide have benefited physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually from this unique form of energy medicine. With the word getting out there, the demand for ITA practitioners is growing rapidly.

ITA career pathways

Students can elect to complete the practicum and examination for ITA Tier 1 if they wish to pursue a career as an ITA practitioner. The practical skills and knowledge learned can also be used in conjunction with other healthcare methods. 

With each course studied after Tier 1, ITA practitioners will learn a wider breadth of treatments and supportive techniques. Electives are also offered, allowing practitioners to specialise in areas such as mental health and psychological imbalance from an ITA perspective, and to learn ITA for the Animal Kingdom.


ITA practitioners confirm this modality is a vital tool to assist in the realignment of clients experiencing –


  • Overwhelm

  • Anger

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Grief

  • Worry

  • Overthinking

  • Physical symptoms of imbalance

  • Psychological imbalance

  • Emotional imbalance


Ways you can use ITA tools and techniques to assist loved ones include –


•    Helping children move through acute illness such as fevers, colds or coughs with more ease.
•    Bringing comfort to those in palliative care.
•    Assisting animals with physical illness or behavioural issues. 
•    Helping people recover more quickly from surgery.
•    Rebuilding essence for women after childbirth.

ITA also assists with –


  • Increasing resistance to illness, allowing it to move through the physical body at a faster rate.

  • Allowing detachment to be practiced more easily.

  • Increased intuition and awareness.

  • Being able to monitor and reflect on the thoughts and emotions.

  • Connecting to the true essence and spiritual nature.


ITA and assisting others


"Energy moves from the outer energy body into the inner physical body and back out again. Imbalance at the physical level can occur when unbalanced emotions/beliefs/conditionings are reinforced by thoughts and continuously distributed into and out of the systems by the subconscious mind. 

The more attuned we become to the energy systems the easier it becomes to detect changes and balance them before they manifest as physical, mental or emotional imbalance."  

~ Unifying the Minds by Melaney Ryan 

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