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The collective echo

For a very long time, we've lived in duality - the belief that everything and everyone is separate. This means we learn through suffering.

But we are now at a point in evolution where we can more easily choose to enter the peace of unity.

Let’s join to send a collective echo to consciousness to fuel unity. This is powerful - we are consciousness and we are the co-creators of how we experience it.

We can help create a collective echo by reciting the simple mantra - We are one, We are unified, We stand in pure love - when we wake, during the day, before bed, in prayer or meditation, in groups. Fuel these truths within consciousness.

Then see our world without suffering, living in peace and wellbeing. Then feel this truth in your heart. Then know with absolutely no doubt that we can live this way.

We are one, We are unified, We stand in pure love.



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