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The bigger picture around COVID-19

We are one

We are unified

We stand in pure love.

It seems we’re all investigating the controversies and conspiracy theories around coronavirus, but those kinds of discussions have always been running in our world.

What is different right now is that this issue is affecting so many of us personally in how we live our daily lives and interact.

But what about those hit by greed, corruption and suffering in so many other ways and for so long – like sex slaves, child and adult slavery in various forms, other sicknesses like cancer, hunger, and the raping of the Earth to take, take, take.

Whatever aspect of suffering we are speaking of, in a sense it doesn’t matter. The reason we have any of these painful situations is that we are currently living in duality.

We need to wake up to this truth.

Duality is the separation state and involves suffering; non-duality is the unified state where we realise our oneness. To understand these states of consciousness, and take the path to the freedom of non-duality, we need to know the false from the true.

This virus is simply a vehicle for duality to continue to interplay and attempt to keep a hold on human consciousness.

Are we the real disease here, and not only as reflected in the coronavirus situation - no matter its causes and associated agendas - but in all imbalances?

We need to focus at this time on the Earth, its polarity and natural rhythm.

If we could hear the Earth, what would it say?

We are the ones offsetting the balance of the Earth, so we need to rediscover the balance in ourselves to address this, before the Earth speaks more loudly.

We are all connected. Rather than looking to build and protect our own empires, how are we giving back to others and the Earth?

When someone is unethical in prioritising themselves over others and the planet, they are actually taking from and harming themselves. They are taking away their own opportunity for experiencing unified wealth, or true abundance.

It is so misguided to believe we are solo operators, whether as individuals or as a nationality or any other collective that sets its wellbeing above another groups.

Everything we do, we do to ourselves. Every kindness we give, we give to ourselves. Every demonstration of respect for ourselves, for others, for the Earth, we are also offering to ourselves.

This is because we are one.

Even if your rational mind finds it difficult to comprehend, the truth remains. Even if differing opinions and ego get in the way, it doesn’t change anything. We are one.

We each have a responsibility to fuel positivity to assist humanity and the Earth. If we align with fear, despair or anger, or instead choose apathy and indifference, we are fuelling duality. We are propping up separation consciousness and giving our power to duality as it continues to play us.

Duality is not our true state, but it is a consciousness that exists and it wants us to stay aligned with it. We need a level of higher awareness to identify the interplay of duality and then actively choose the path of unity.

The chaotic elements of the coronavirus situation do not have to receive your focus. You can be responsible and considerate regarding this situation while refusing to fuel fear.

Instead, choose to fuel what you want more of. There is so much kindness, generosity and community connection to tap into and enjoy being a part of at this time, it’s a beautiful silver lining.

We are co-creators within the creator. Let’s clarify what we choose to co-create... let’s unite and create a world based in oneness, unity and pure love.

To stay aligned with truth and fuel unity, you can affirm the following mantra.

Repeat is as often as you can while you sing, dance, meditate, shower or exercise; you can place the written words around your home and work environments. Words carry power, and repeating those words builds energy.

May many of us fuel a collective energy by stating the mantra daily:

We are one

We are unified

We stand in pure love.

See it, feel it and know it, with absolutely no doubt.

This year is a turning point for humanity. I believe what we are experiencing now on Earth is a frequency imbalance. This needs to be aligned as it is affecting the undercurrent sound resonance of the Earth.

We need to focus on our true reality, what we instinctually know we want to experience, and we need many thousands, or millions, of us actioning this truth.

Many of us know or sense that duality is out-dated and we now have an opportunity to understand unity.

Know with no doubt that we can co-create another groove based in love to lift what we are now experiencing.

In the study of the five elements in ITA Energy Medicine, when we are at a standstill in our lives, we use the five elements to find clarity as to what the next step is.

Currently the Earth is in a metal element phase, having entered this element in 2020.

In Mahat Meditation the metal element governs how we perceive ourselves and our experiences; how we integrate the present moment; our feelings of intimacy within the self; love of self; confidence; expression of the true self; self-worth; and fuelling our passions.

Have we forgotten or lost our true nature?

When there is an offset in one of the five elements we need to fuel the mother energy, which is the preceding element. In Mahat Mediation this is the wisdom, shown in the presence the fire element.

The wisdom governs our presence, the knowing of our wisdom and our understanding that unified wealth isn’t difficult or painful to achieve and maintain.

Is this global situation an opportunity as a collective to know who we are and stand in living demonstration of our wisdom?

We need to make an active choice based on higher awareness, then take accurate action as a collective to co-create it.

Remember that energy moves through intent. With intent let’s celebrate that together we can link and chant the mantra that is our absolute truth.

Do not underestimate the power of energy. If energy is being fuelled in pure love it will resonate that truth.

If that energy is fuelled by a collective, it gains more power and strength. This is the time to stand for what we believe in and link arms with as many others as possible that know the same truth.

Why? It is our gift back to the Earth for the gift of life, for ourselves and for future generations.




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