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Responding to challenges.

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

We all experience times in life where we feel that we are being hit hard by the Universe. 

This doesn't happen because the Universe doesn't love us, or that we have done something to be punished for. It is so that we can re-assess and recognise what is important. 

The most important aspect when you are in the midst of a difficult challenge is to not lose sight of who you are and to remember what you are here to achieve within the gift of life. 

Do you know, with absolutely no doubt, that you can achieve and experience everything that you need to? And do you know this, even when your external world is presenting you with major challenges? 

Each day, no matter what is happening in the external world, observe your thoughts and actions.

Be honest with yourself about how you respond to challenges even if these qualities are not positive. From here you can decide whether this response is helping or hindering you and take ownership of what you are creating through this tendency.

When you don't accept doubt or uncertainty from yourself, you are free to move forward in your absolute truth in every moment, regardless of what is happening outside of you. 

If it is not the right time for large courageous steps, just take small steps until your confidence builds. With each small step, demonstrate what you wish to manifest in life through your thoughts, speech and actions. 

Consciously place yourself in beautiful environments if you are trying to create a better environment for yourself. 

If it is happiness that you need, laugh out loud when you feel truly joyous and consciously respond to the happiness of others by stating 'I am that!'

If it is prosperity you are seeking, feel gratitude for what you already have in each moment and treat everything in your life with care and respect.  

See, feel and know your truth in each moment with no doubt and slowly you will magnetise what is needed through your positive and accurate actions. 

Remember that when you do create what is needed, fuel this movement by giving back to those who are inspirational or in those in need - with discernment to supporting people and projects in alignment with your morals and ethics. 

You can start co-creating your ultimate reality today by simply knowing who you are and defining what you wish to achieve in life in each moment. 

Much love, 



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