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A short meditation

Over the last week, we have had a lot of requests for practical tools to assist with physical, mental and energetic health.

We will be sharing several tools over the next few days that we hope are useful for you and your loved ones.

The first is a short guided meditation which works to align grief, anxiety and sadness.

Please read on for a detailed explanation from an ITA Energy Medicine perspective....

The various techniques and energy points utilised in the balancing grief, anxiety and sadness meditation have been placed to assist in:

🌟Strengthening and energising our physical lungs

🌟Balancing and aligning our personal and collective grief, anxiety and inner sadness

🌟Building on our sense of interconnectedness, self-esteem and happiness

In ITA understanding lung imbalance can indicate:

🌟An inner sadness

🌟Feeling confined within ourselves

🌟A need for a level of independence

🌟A need to be understood and accepted for who you are

🌟A need to address where relevant feelings of loneliness, resentment, judgment and unworthiness have presented in our lives

🌟Trust that has been lost in our external reality

In ITA five element theory which describes the various cycles of change in the human experience, the lung meridian system is governed by the metal element. The spiritual development category of the metal element is focused on the aspects of emotion and detachment.

Balance or imbalance within the metal element category influences how we perceive ourselves and our experiences and how we integrate the present moment. The Metal element phase in self-development asks us to:

🌟Find meaning in life and develop your spirit connection

🌟Search for what is pure and spiritual

🌟Connect with our greater purpose

🌟Focus on quality in life – not quantity

🌟Build self-esteem and confidence

🌟Build on and move forward in truth

🌟Express your true authentic self

Please visit the audio downloads page on our website and scroll down to the 'balancing grief, anxiety and sadness' meditation to purchase your MP3.

Please feel free to share this post with anyone who you feel may benefit - this is also a wonderful meditation for children to listen to if they are feeling any of these lower emotions.

While you are on our website, you are also welcome to download the FREE meditation for balancing worry and overthinking, this is simply a gift back to humanity from our founder, Melaney. No strings attached!

We hope this assists you 😃


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