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ITA upholds the view that our physical form is a reflection of our energetic form.




ITA for the Animal Kingdom shares Melaney Ryan’s ITA principles for working with the energy fields of the animal kingdom. This course demonstrates the links between the physical and energetic anatomy of our closest companions and offers a variation on ITA mind theory describing how the mind of the animal accepts the integrated alignments.


Detailing her findings on how to work with the energy fields of horses, cats and dogs, Melaney also shares how this approach can be offered for the benefits of other animals.

Targeted systems charts from her personal practise will also be shared as well as colour illustrations, tools and techniques that can be implemented immediately.

Information will be provided on;


  • The interconnectedness of the various layers of the energy systems

  • Discussion on animal and human perception, highlighting the true links in these exchanges

  • Animal behaviour, animal personalities and soul development

  • Past life connections between humans and animals and how to address the needs of all beings in these exchanges and during stages of cognitive, spiritual or physical imbalance

  • Aligning animal behavioural traits utilising the exchange of the basic and extended energy fields of the primary human carer of the animals and significant others


This course is offered to develop deeper links between the animal kingdom and ourselves and provide tools and knowledge for this connection to be strengthened and unified.

Course details



ITA Tier 2

Mode of delivery: 


Online, utilising video conferencing software and in person for Perth, WA students

You will have the opportunity to review any of the online live lectures at any time; they will be available for viewing on our website with a password for the duration of your course.



4 x 2 hour live lectures and 1x practical training day in Perth, WA

Practical training day will be recorded for international students

(accessible via student portal) 



Online classes: Worldwide
Practicums: Perth, Western Australia.

Next start dates: 


2024 course dates to be announced

Course fee: $550 AUD

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