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Offline module with Melaney Ryan

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Packed with valuable information, this short course assists participants in working with their life’s tests and challenges.


Understanding why we face life challenges helps us realise that life is a series of cycles.

By working consciously with these cycles, we can make our life experience more harmonious.

Concepts shared within the Lifecycles course include: 

● Uncovering the building blocks for
creating your personal blueprint for a
fulfilled life
● A comprehensive understanding of the
interplay between the ‘I Am’ and the ‘I
Am Not’ within duality
● Facing your tests and challenges as they
● The role of thought and emotion in our
life experience
● Gaining tools for directorship of our


"I am incredibly humbled to have learnt the Mahat sequence, it truly is a powerful meditation in all that it awakens. I appreciate your sharing and look forward to hearing more of your experiences. It is something that I feel compelled to do more of and yearn for nothing else but it sometimes!"

K.J, Mahat Meditation, 2014

"Since beginning the Mahat Meditation practice my clarity in business has increased, it is like I am looking through renewed eyes! I am able to make business decisions with ease and I have found that I am not emotionally pulled anymore. Melaney’s message on awakening humanity is a vital message to all of us."

L.R, Mahat Meditation, 2014

course details



Successful completion of ITA Tiers 1

Mode of delivery: 


Theory: Interactive online classes - recordings available for student review

Practicum: In-person



1 x practicum day
8 x online classes
8 x online case study discussions



25 individual ITA case studies need to be submitted within a year of course 
1 x written assessment
1 x practical assessment



Online classes: Worldwide
Practicums: Australia, USA, Europe. Other locations according to demand.




Module fee: $89

Learn this module in your own time, pre recorded with Melaney Ryan.


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