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Melaney has decoded the pathways to self realisation and is a leader in the global movement toward world unity.

Melaney Ryan is a fourth generation energy worker with over 30 years of clinical experience as an energy medicine practitioner. She is the founder of the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness (formerly Australian StillPoint Institute) and developer of Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA) and Mahat Meditation.

Melaneys intuitive knowledge of how to work with subtle energies was nurtured from an early age by her grandmother and great grandmother. Her great grandmother was an extraordinarily gifted energy worker from the Canary Islands renowned for treating a wide range of difficult ailments.

Building on her family lineage of skills and gifts, through training with Great Masters and working with thousands of clients, Melaney has been able to decode the processes of our integrated energy systems.

Through this understanding Melaney developed ITA, a form of energy medicine that offers a unique perspective on the understanding of energy and the makeup of consciousness. By developing ITA into a training system, Melaney is able to share her knowledge and experience with other practitioners and with anyone on a path of self development.

Melaneys understanding of the Mahatma energy and Mahat meditation provides the basis for her most recent work.
Mahat meditation is an active meditation practice that builds inner force and accelerates our personal evolution. This philosophy and practice was first shared in a group setting in Chiang Mai, Thailand in February 2014.

Melaney has dedicated her life to assisting as many people as possible toward the realisation of their greatness. She is certain that the practice of Mahat Meditation is an effective path for people wishing to realise this inherent greatness for themselves.

Melaney has now chosen to dedicate herself to the anchoring of the Mahatma energy through the shared practice of Mahat meditation.


I have known Melaney Ryan for almost a decade and during that time my family and I have never ceased to be both awed and impressed by the results she achieves. The fact that I am a different person today to the woman of ten years ago is a testament to the quality of her work.

During this time I have also seen her help many others, and have moreover seen the unfailing respect she has gained from many very wise and even great teachers. I highly recommend both Melaney and ITA.

L.T, Fremantle

I have known Melaney Ryan for many years and have studied all three levels of her modality Integrated Therapeutic Alignment, as well as receiving regular ITA treatments from her over the years. To say that this has improved my life greatly is a complete understatement. I am not sure where I would be today without the knowledge I have gained from Melaney and her teachings.

I have noticed that since using the tools provided within Melaney’s teachings and treatments, my life has become very easy. I don’t struggle with things emotionally like I would have in the past, my own intuition has improved dramatically, I am able to manifest and co-create things in my life with relative ease and I have a deep sense of simply ‘knowing’ more than I ever have before. My decision making processes are now quick and precise, my life actually feels as though it is fluid now, everything moves as it should now that I have learnt to trust the process and follow my own ‘gut feelings’ and intuition.

I will continue to speak of Melaney and her work with the highest of praise, she truly is one of a kind.

J.N, Subiaco

I was introduced to Melaney Ryan through a close friend who bought me a ticket for my birthday to attend the Lifecycles seminar. I found myself again at the Australian Stillpoint Institute, medically described as mentally unstable, following the breakdown of my eleven year relationship. I was lost, tired, stressed, quite depressed and it culminated into a psychotic episode.

I approached Melaney for help and the unconditional support that I have received and the gratitude I feel can’t be expressed in words. The practical tools, exercises, workbooks and meditations have enhanced and accelerated my spiritual understanding. I live each day with more clarity, a sense of freedom and great joy.

Thank you Melaney.

Anon, Perth

Melaney and her team at the Australian StillPoint Institute are incredibly dedicated to helping facilitate the shift in consciousness for all beings. May their vision for Higher Learning Centres around the World become a reality as all of us will greatly benefit from this.

K.S, Margaret River

I have been having ITA alignments with Melaney for nearly 7 years now. Melaney has been profound in helping me build my inner strength on a spiritual, emotional and physical level; to help me to see who I truly am and to regain my health and wellbeing. I am so grateful to Melaney for the alignments I have received over this period and the level of care she provides. She has improved my quality of life enormously and the 1 hour on the treatment table adds exponentially to my life.

K.G, Perth