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Western Herbal Medicine Consultations

Jenna Lambert-Porter, Western Herbalist, offers consultations to provide support for your well-being on all levels.

Some of the many health issues that herbalism offers powerfully effective and gentle treatment for include headaches, immunity, digestive disorders, mood swings, anxiety and depression, aches and pains, sleep disorders, libido issues, reproductive health, and many more.

Jenna has grown up in a family where spirituality, holistic health, energy therapy and intuition-led living is the fabric of life. From this foundation she chose to specialise in herbalism and has a passion for the gifts of Mother Earth in the form of food and herbs to support ourselves in gentle and powerful ways.

With the use of herbs, supplements, and nutritional and lifestyle advice, Jenna’s holistic approach promotes results that speak for them selves. Whether you have a specific complaint, or just want to support and nourish your body in a natural way, herbal medicine could be the answer for you.

Western Herbal Medicine Consult Fee

One-hour initial herbal and well-being consultation, $90 and follow up consultations $55.