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Join us once a week for an online meditation with Mahats from around the world! 


How does it work? 

Once a week, Melaney will offer a discussion for 20-25 minutes including question time, followed by a group Level One Mahat Meditation practice.

It’s vitally important for level two and three Mahats to incorporate level one practice as this is our energy gym and we need to keep working the muscles.

In our weekly group meditations, we will be anchoring the Mahatma energy within ourselves and within the Earth to activate the meaning of life which can be summed up as –

1. To master the game of life
2. To rediscover our greatness
3. To be in a light body and a physical body at the same time – we become crystalline in form

These online meditations are utilising the group energy to fuel experiences within our lives and to fuel positive qualities within ourselves and our loved ones. Melaney will share her wisdom as a foundation to assist with the expansion of our life experiences.

Each meditation intake will be offered in a block of sessions that will cover a specific topic of study, this structure is to encourage discipline and commitment within your Mahat practice.

How much does it cost? 

AU$10 per session

You can purchase these meditation sessions in a package of ten (10).

How do I join the meditations? 

Once your purchase has been made, you’ll receive an email with the links to enter the online meditations.

We will be using zoom.us as the online platform to bring Mahats together.

Why meditate together? 

At our 2018 Mahat Meditation retreat we had yet another Mahat experience the full Heaven on Earth near death experience that Melaney has experienced. If two Mahats can have the same experience as our founder, then we all can. We have also experienced the occurrence of two phenomena that can’t be cognitively explained.

As a collective, we are setting up this online meditation platform to further honour the sacredness of the teachings, the founder and carrier Melaney Ryan and to fuel the collective energy. We are one.

Time and dates

Each session will run for approx. 50-60 minutes (25 min discussion, 5 min break, 25 min meditation).

Meditations will be held weekly on Wednesday nights commencing at 7.30pm (Australian Western Standard Time).

Session 1 – 25th July
Session 2 – 1st August
Session 3 – 8th August
Session 4 – 15th August
Session 5 – 22th August
Session 6 – 29th August
Session 7 – 5th September
12th September – NO SESSION THIS WEEK
Session 8 – 19th September
Session 9 – 26th September
Session 10 – 3rd October


Please click HERE to register.