Power Generators

Power Generators

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All generators are programmed by Melaney Ryan to enhance the energy frequency of the generators.


Can be used in meditation to enhance and integrate your meditation practice.

It is advised to place the circle generator in front of you while you meditate, in between the feet is best.

View the power generator before and after your meditation practice. If there is an intent to the meditation, this can be placed before and after while viewing the generator.


Can be used when around electrical devices, to align the electro magnetic energy fields and assists the EMF radiation from affecting the physical body.

Place near your computer or mobile phone etc.


Can be used to align a space and assist in lifting negative or lower density energies.

If children are struggling with night terrors or nightmares the generator can be placed to the left of the child’s head or for older children and adults it can be placed under the bed.

In clinic rooms the generator can be placed to the left of the clients head.

The generator will assist in etherically cleansing the space.

The triangle can also be placed at the top of the head of an individual who is passing over.

The point of the triangle should point upwards. Ask the individual to focus on the crown chakra as they are passing. This will assist a balanced transition to the higher dimensions of existence.

* Sacred geometry design given as a seed to humanity by GMCKS.

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Set of three – circle, square, triangle


pickup from North Perth clinic, postage within WA, postage within AUS, international postage


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