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ITA Remote Alignment (with Melaney Ryan)

AUD$ 180.00



ITA can be performed remotely (at a distance) and is just as affective as a face-to-face treatment.

Remote ITA is suitable for everyone, especially if you are:

– Travelling for work and are unable to attend an appointment
– On vacation and require a treatment
– Not located near a trained ITA practitioner and are unable to attend a face-to-face appointment
– Unwell and not capable of physically attending an appointment

We recognise that many people deeply value their ongoing ITA sessions with Melaney, it is for this reason that she offers remote alignments for those who are unable to make it to StillPoint Health and Wellness Centre.

We will contact you within 24-48 hours of payment being made to schedule your remote alignment.

Please note your alignment will be done within one to two weeks of your booking. If there is a backlog of bookings and your wait will be longer, you will be notified.

A remote alignment with Melaney includes review/written feedback via email after the alignment has taken place.


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