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Understanding energetic tone

Are you experiencing Gut Sensitivity? Low Energy? Fogginess in the head? Thyroid imbalance? Excessive thoughts? but still carry a high level of intuition and self awareness? These symptoms can all be attributed to a low tone within your energy systems.

I have recently become aware through my own clinic practice of an aspect of our energy systems that runs simultaneously with our frequency. I am identifying this current as ‘energetic tone’ and have noted that tone can be lowered due to a high level of demand (or perceived high level of demand) on our time and energy from the external world. As with our frequency, our tone can also be balanced and aligned through the correct application of existing ITA techniques, allowing for a release from the heaviness that low tone can bring to our experience of life.

I have noted that individuals carrying a high frequency don’t necessarily carry a high tone.

A high frequency means:

– You carry intuition and follow your gut instincts
– From a young age you can work people out very quickly
– Self-development, seeking truth and looking inwardly is important to you
– You tend to process quickly and thoroughly
– You tend to reflect before taking action

If your tone is low you will feel:

– A ‘drag’ within your body and energy field that you can’t seem to shake off.
– This ‘drag’ makes it difficult to take steps forward or to even contemplate making large leaps in the game of life.
– You may experience happiness and a level of higher awareness and achievement in your life, yet you will also feel you go to step forward and something subtly pulls you back.

Physical and psychological symptoms/areas of imbalance that can be noted in individuals presenting with low tone:

– Low energy/constant underlying tiredness
– Fogginess in the head area and lack of clarity in the mind
– Short term memory loss
– Excessive thoughts
– Irritation
– Pulling to the shadow aspects of self
– Highly sensitive to your environment
– HSP diagnosis, anxiety disorders, depression
– High emotional sensitivity
– Fluctuations in body-weight
– Gut sensitivities and digestive imbalance
– Imbalances of the endocrine system
– Kidney imbalance
– Stored fear (kidneys) and anger (liver)

What is covered in this course?

During our time together we will be looking at how to identify and address low tone within the systems through ITA – either in our own self development work or with our clients. I will also be sharing with you how I have been applying existing ITA techniques and focused breathing techniques to balance and align low tone. Client letter templates and examples of home-care will also be provided.

Details & Times

When : Monday 13th Feb 2017 – 7.00pm – 9.00pm (online lecture)
Duration : x1 two hour online lecture
For Whom : Anyone can enjoy and learn from this lecture, but it will be particularly beneficial for those who have studied or are studying ITA
Course Fee : $55 AUD
How To Book :

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