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The Integrated Therapeutic Alignment Energy Medicine Association, Inc. is a non profit Incorporated Association.

Membership is open to ITA energy medicine practitioners, students, trainers and supportive friends in Australia and overseas.

For details on how to join and other information, please see the Association’s website :

The objectives of the Association are to:

  1. Serve as a representative membership organisation of the ITA Energy Medicine profession;
  2. Serve as an official spokesperson for, and representative of the ITA Energy Medicine profession;
  3. Establish and maintain standards of education, ethics, and professional competency for ITA Energy Medicine practitioners and therapists;
  4. Promote ITA Energy Medicine both as a form of treatment for well-being and healing and as a form of self development;
  5. Promote international acceptance and awareness of ITA Energy Medicine as a respected knowledge for wellness of body, mind and spirit;
  6. Effect public policy and legislation in all matters pertaining to the ITA Energy Medicine practice;
  7. Develop, participate in, conduct and support ITA Energy Medicine research programmes;
  8. Encourage and facilitate continuing education opportunities in ITA Energy Medicine related fields;
  9. Arrange the availability of one or more liability insurance policies specifically to meet the needs of members;
  10. Encourage and co-ordinate voluntary ITA Energy Medicine programmes and services within the community;
  11. Preserve the modality of ITA Energy Medicine in its originator’s and successors’ format;
  12. Facilitate the education of an understanding of the techniques of ITA Energy Medicine energy medicine for interested individuals;
  13. Promote the provision of a safe, quality and holistic approach to the ITA Energy Medicine treatment of the individual;
  14. Do all things necessary, proper and not contrary to law in the interest of the Association and its members in carrying out the Association’s mission and purposes.