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Unifying The Minds – we have two brains and six minds, how can we make the most of them?

Melaney Ryan has been sharing her knowledge and experience of the minds and activation of higher intelligence within the human systems since 2007.

People are rapidly awakening to the reality that we are accessing a very limited range of our potential intelligence. The mainstream belief is that our physical brain coordinates all of our mental, emotional and physical functions and stores our memories, beliefs and conditioning patterns.

Melaney’s experience has shown her that we carry another intelligence system that holds our potential for accurate perception, infinite love and higher wisdom.

Melaney refers to this system as the heart brain.

Alignment of the heart brain brings the higher senses into being, transforms us at a genetic and cellular level and enables us to transcend our current perception of time and space.

The physical brain draws on three minds:

  • Conscious Mind (present moment)
  • Subconscious Mind (long term memory)
  • Unconscious Mind (intuitive/higher self)
The heart brain also draws on three minds:
  • Will (correct action)
  • Love (supreme truth)
  • Wisdom (I AM That I AM)
How conscious we are in our life experience, how open we are to the unconscious mind and how aligned we are with the heart brain effects our personal frequency. It is our personal frequency that determines what we experience in our daily lives within the holographic image.

Aligning and integrating the physical brain and the heart brain gives us access to our full intellectual capability enabling direct, open communication with the collective unconscious.

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Long Island, New York – May 2018

Hosted by Christine Lomangino at A Voice Above Wellness with Melaney Ryan as guest presenter.

Where : Long Island, New York – venue to be confirmed.
When : Thursday 1st May 2018: 7.00pm – 9.00pm
For Whom : Anyone
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I’ve done a lot of manifesting work but never before have I ‘seen, felt and known’ my desire to be ‘done’ in the way I experienced in Unifying the Minds. I actually felt the energy click. Instead of just thinking or affirming we are using energy technology to bring our heart’s creations into physical reality. I am so excited to keep working with the information and love that it is about helping ourselves in a way that gives back to the Earth.

M.D, Perth

For years I’ve tried to better understand our role as co-creators and to explore our potential to manifest. The Mahat Meditation and Unifying the Minds feels very much like ’new technology’ to me and a powerful and direct way to better serve and create outcomes in our physical reality. The energy and power of this technology is truly amazing especially when practiced in the presence of Melaney Ryan who is a Master of our age. I highly recommend to anyone on the spiritual path to join Melaney Ryan and in doing so raise human consciousness through the inner work of meditation.

W.D, Perth

This seminar has powerfully shifted my perceptions and made me feel more present and aware in my daily life, and more able to handle my life challenges. By aligning the heart brain with the physical mind I feel more in control as the director of my own life. I feel clear minded, empowered and inspired by not only thinking positively, but more so by aligning our brains to achieve what we are seeking. I recommend this seminar to anyone! Thank you Melaney.

R.S, Perth

What Melaney shared in the Unifying the Minds talk gave me a lot of clarity on how simple it is to bring my aspirations into being. We use up so much of our creative energy on useless thought processes. I really understand now how to stop doing this and how to use all of my energy to create movement in life in a peaceful and harmonious way.

Much Love and Gratitude Melaney.

K.L, Perth

Melaney’s latest seminar “Unifying the Minds” is shared with so much love and compassion for all. Melaney is an engaging speaker who has you on the edge of your seat the whole two hours. Melaney shares ‘techniques’ which can be practiced and can awaken or further fuel our passion in life. The simple yet effective instructions can be utilised by anyone wanting to move forward or make a difference in a positive way in their life, to the earth and for humanity. I am humbled to receive this blessing. Thank you Melaney.

B.D, North Perth

Unifying The Minds’ is a pioneering presentation which includes a combination of old & new knowledge, insights and deep wisdom generously shared by Melaney Ryan. This seminar presents new pathways for all to utilise and practice in our daily lives, not just information one can ponder. With such simplicity Melaney shows us a new way.With daily practice my soul has opened to a new level of awareness and an internal building, bringing a profound depth of gratitude, connection and peace to my life.

C.C, North Perth

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