Unification of Chakras and the Central Core

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Chakras as we know them

Traditionally there are seven main chakras feeding the physical body. Each one has a front and a back. The front chakras provide our projection to the external world. The back chakras are where our beliefs and conditioning patterns are stored. If something we experience in the external world triggers a negative belief stored in the back chakras we are unable to integrate and move through that experience.

In balancing the front and back chakras we are balancing our self-expression and releasing the ties that bind us to our outdated beliefs and conditioning patterns. In Mahat meditation we are working toward unifying these seven chakras into four. This active evolution of our energy systems provides us with the ability to live life through higher awareness instead of through the current experience of opposing forces.

The Central Core

As we balance the chakras and our energy systems develop the channel that carries our central force also develops. This channel is called the central core and it runs from the base chakra up to the crown chakra along the front of the spinal column. Contained within the central core are the inner channel and the shushumna channel.

When we have a strong central core we can carry a stronger magnetic force. When we carry a stronger magnetic force this enables the activation of the positive(red ray) and negative (blue ray) poles within our systems which then activates the antakarana. The wider the antakarana column of light becomes, the larger the spherical movement of the chakras. Mahat meditation facilitates the moulding of the individual spherical chakras into the four unified chakras.

Unification of the chakras.

Unification of the chakras takes us out of what we have come to recognize as the past or subconscious mind, the present or conscious mind, and future which is determined by the unconscious mind. Unification of the chakras allows us to function and live purely in the present moment as the three minds ascend their function to become will, love and wisdom.

  • The base, navel, and solar plexus chakras mould to become the center of wisdom.
  • The heart and thymus chakras mould to become the center of love.
  • The forehead/ajna and crown chakras mould to become the center of will
  • The throat chakra stands alone and provides the bridge of light to the antakarana.