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Mahat Meditation Course – Level Two


The Mahat Level Two sequence brings clarity, centeredness and a deep connection to the Earth and higher soul.

This sequence is an extension of the Mahat Meditation (Level One) and can only be practiced if the Level One sequence has been integrated.

This ensures that the physical body is prepared for the powerful transformations that occur at this level of practice.

In Mahat Level Two we are anchoring the neutral current energetically from within the physical body to our connection point within the Earth.

This neutral activation provides a deeper, direct connection to the Earth enabling full expansion into the Higher Soul.

When this occurs we can see, feel, sense and know the Mahatma energy, the greatness in all things.

Practice of Mahat Level Two brings:

  • Enhanced intuitive ability.
  • Increased inner vision.
  • Amplified higher awareness and wisdom.
  • Our day to day life becomes more stable on all levels.
  • We feel more present and have a stronger light presence.
  • We are no longer pulled to extremes of positive and negative.

Upcoming Courses

Online course – August 2019

You will have the opportunity to review any of the online live lectures at any time; they will be available for viewing on our website with a password for the duration of your Level Three Mahat Meditation training.

When : Lecture 1 | Tues 27th August 2019| 8.00pm-9.30pm

Lecture 2 | Tues 3rd September 2019 | 8.00pm-9.30pm

Lecture 3 | Tues 10th September 2019 | 8.00pm-9.30pm

Lecture 4 | Tues 17th September 2019 | 8.00pm-9.30pm

Lecture 5 | Tues 24th September 2019 | 8.00pm-9.30pm

Lecture 6 | Tues 1st October 2019 | 8.00pm-9.30pm

Lecture 7 | Tues 8th October | 8.00pm-9.30pm

Lecture 8 | Tues 15th October | 8.00pm-9.30pm

Please note – all times are Australian Western Standard Time.

Where : Online, utilsing video conferencing software
Duration : 8 x 1.5 hour live lectures
For Whom : All people, with or without meditation experience
How To Book :

Book Course – $440 AUD

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For me, my practice of the Level Two Mahat Meditation has increased my intuition, sensitivity and perception, which are allowing me to access a higher truth. I feel more switched on! I ask a question and the answer is given almost straight away in the form of guidance or presented by my external world. I am also starting to receive intuitive visuals, which is very exciting for me!

Now when challenges are present in my life, I am no longer really are drawn into them. I just feel a level of grace, faith and trust that it is all a divine unfolding.

I have this extraordinary joy and laughter constantly flowing through me where I feel deeply and especially connected to Mother Earth, the heavens, the ocean, nature and animals. Prayers and gratitude are constantly flowing from me… imagine if we all walked like this.

Julie Raines, Perth

The Level Two Mahat Meditation teachings have given me the tools to truly connect and direct my life in a powerful, positive, centring and focussed way. This has translated into my life as – humble self-assurance, grateful observation, a greater sense of freedom and fun and calm fearlessness.

The Mahat teachings have been both powerful and indescribable to me in how they offer so much more than I could have ever imagined.

C.S., Perth

The Level Two Mahat Meditation is such a simple 20 minute sequence but in just one group practice, the majority of attendees reached states in meditation that would normally take a lifetime of practice to achieve.

The feeling of connectedness and peace I achieved in my first Level Two Mahat practice has not left me. It has become my new normal. And since then, every time I practice the sequence I feel like I am coming home.

I am forever grateful to you Melaney for identifying and sharing the path to this place of connectedness and peace. Your humility and honour in delivering this wisdom is a teaching in itself.

K.L., Perth

I have noticed significant changes in my life and myself personally since I began to practice the Level Two Mahat Meditation – my own intuitive faculty is picking up rapidly, where I previously had a pretty reliable ‘gut feeling’, I now have a strong inner knowing that I cannot ignore or doubt. My life feels solid and meaningful and my passion for creating my ‘ultimate life’ just gets stronger and stronger with each day that passes. I feel supported by the Universe more than ever before; I am manifesting my own dreams, goals and desires before my very eyes! Mahat Meditation has shown me results in my life like no other meditation practice ever has. Melaney’s knowledge that she shares in this course has the potential to change our world and I now feel more driven than ever to assist as many humans as possible towards feeling what I do on a daily basis – words cannot describe the Mahat teachings. They truly need to be felt to be understood.

J.N., Perth

The Level Two Mahat Meditation was so deep from the very first time I practiced it and it has just continued to deepen. I am deeply grateful to experience the ongoing love, clarity and calmness that I feel and that people are telling me that they see in me. Thank you Melaney for this gift.

Karen, Perth

The Level Two Mahat Meditation practice effortlessly brings profound and beautiful states of calm and serenity, where time and activity stops. My mind and body is quiet and at rest and this wave of peace continues on throughout the day.

Leona Lenyk, Perth

Since practising the Level Two Mahat Meditation my intuitive understanding has noticeably strengthened with clearer and subtler messages coming through easily and naturally during my daily activities and also in my dreaming states.

Anonymous, Perth

I have been meditating extensively for many years and learning the Mahat Meditation Level 2 theory and meditation sequence was a truly transformative experience. It has provided many gifts and has rapidly strengthened the feeling of connection with the self, others, and the earth.

For me, the greatest of these gifts is the available opportunity for deep love-based connections with others within every interaction. It provides a foundation for each individual to journey within and develop a truly love-based world and life experience.

I highly recommend this meditation to all, especially those who would like to experience more meaningful and loving life experiences. Thank you Melaney for sharing this gift with us all!

N.R., Perth

Melaney is an inspiring woman who has so much love, humility and passion. After the first experience I had with the Level Two Mahat Meditation practice, I had what can be described as a death and re-birth experience of the self. I felt completely different! The second time I practiced the meditation it was as though I had been given a rite of passage, I sensed being in a space that I had visited before in meditation, but this time I received what I describe as the bliss, the nothingness and oneness.

I am continually integrating my experiences from my meditation practice and enjoying experiencing the further unfolding of the true self. Each time I practice the meditation sequence I feel more centred, connected and much love. Thank you Melaney.

Anonymous, Perth

Since implementing the Level Two Mahat Meditation practice into my life, I feel the universe helping me access things far more easily than ever before.

I own my own business and have for 20 years, our current goal is to double the number of contracts with customers that we currently have. In the seven months prior to learning and practicing the Level Two Mahat Meditation I signed five new contracts with customers, in just eight weeks of practicing this powerful meditation I have already signed nine new contracts. Call it a coincidence? I call it my purple patch – where I put my energy and focus, I am being rewarded almost instantly.

J.S., Perth

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