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Our children shape the future of our world and the direction humanity takes.

To best support them to make a positive difference, we’ve created the Children’s Mahat Meditation program to give them a space to come together, learn about energy and support one another in achieving great things in ways that also give back to the Earth and future generations.

As a mother to a son and daughter who are now conscious, compassionate and self-aware adults, Melaney Ryan believes it is vital to nurture the openness and interest that many children show around energy and consciousness. She often finds that kids – some as young as two years old! – ask her questions about and seek to share their understandings on these things.

This course aims to bring children together from across the globe, whether in person or on an international online platform, and to encourage them to join as a collective to make a positive change in our world. We aim to empower them to know whole heartedly that they are the future and that their voices are heard, respected and valued.

No matter what age we are, Mahat Meditation nurtures our inherent wisdom by gently awakening the awareness of what we are, and provides us with the tools to harness our visions and realise our goals.

We’re so excited about sharing this with kids!

A sample Mahat Meditation for kids workshop space

In this course kids will learn to:

  • Bring stillness, balance and harmony to their bodies and minds
  • Apply tools and techniques to help them manage stress, bullying, fear and anxiety
  • Ground themselves and anchor their energetic connection to the Earth
  • Practice mindfulness to improve focus and attention
  • Monitor thoughts and feelings and how to respond rather than react
  • Develop intuition
  • Understand manifestation and know that what they are seeking begins within themselves
  • Build command of their life experience and create a magnetic presence
  • Honour their greatness with humility and gratitude
  • Be empowered in fully occupying their place in life
  • Work with mindfulness, monitoring of the thoughts, manifestation, increasing personal magnetism, building intuition and the use of meditation tools such as crystals, visual yantras and chakra cards

The course is suited to children aged 7 – 13 years old.

Mahat Meditation and giving back

Some photos of the experiences we have as Mahats giving back to those in need – pictured below are the schools in Chiang Mai, Thailand that we have supported over the recent years.

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