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Lifecycles – with Melaney Ryan

Most of us move through life experiencing major tests and challenges without registering that they are actually lessons in disguise.

Understanding why challenges are there helps us realise that life is a series of cycles. By working consciously with these cycles, we can make our life experience more harmonious and realise more deeply who we are and why we are here on Earth.

Within the repetition and flow of our life cycles there are signs that point to our true purpose on Earth on both an individual and collective level.

Through the understanding of energy outlined in the Lifecycles program, we can learn to observe our experiences and draw truth and guidance from the details. We can more clearly define and place our intentions, which is a foundation stone of co-creation.

There has never been a better time to know who we are and reclaim our place within the universe.

Lifecycles can be your starting point!

What is the course format and what does it include?

This online course includes four live webinars. There is one webinar per week for a duration of four weeks (webinars can be viewed a later date if you are unable to make the scheduled time).

You will also receive an 85 page digital working course booklet.

The course booklet includes modules 1 – 4, with each module corresponding with the online lecture for that week. The course booklet is concluded with an extra section that contains practical exercises, techniques and tools to assist you with balancing the flow of energy in and out of your physical body.

There are 10 major areas covered within the Lifecycles online program:

  • The higher soul
  • Understanding that life moves in a series of cycles
  • What is truth?
  • How to meet your tests and challenges as they present
  • Belief systems
  • Achieving directorship of your life experience
  • The ‘I Am’ and the ‘I Am Not’
  • The role of thought and learning how to monitor the thoughts
  • Roleplaying
  • Finding inner joy


In addition these main areas of focus, Melaney will be sharing the following over the four week course duration:

  • Tools to gain greater clarity, insight and directorship as you move through your lifecycles
  • How to meet tests and challenges as they present, and find a deeper understanding as to why you are challenged in life
  • The understanding of the ‘I Am’ and the ‘I Am Not’ in your daily experience
  • The role of emotions and thought; learning how to monitor your thoughts and identify the emotions and thoughts that are not serving your personal development
  • How role-playing builds respect. The importance of not losing sight of who you are in your personal exchanges
  • Achieving directorship of your life so that you can become an active creator and not just a pedestrian – you already have the power to do so
  • Ideas for supporting your journey of self-development
  • How to apply the law of polarity to the cycles of life. Surviving the darkest moments of life and gaining a deeper understanding of what the universal message is in relation to the challenge – you can move from playing the victim to being the creator
  • A different way of thinking about who you are, your life experience and your place within consciousness
  • The understanding that you are living within a divine matrix, which is holographic in nature. What is the supreme truth?
  • Consciousness is creative – are you focusing on aspects that are not significant? What are you creating and fuelling within your life?
  • To know when you are looking at a reflection of your subconscious beliefs (memory based) or deepest truths (soul memory/guidance)
  • How to cultivate stability, clarity and mindfulness
  • The understanding that you already have all the answers – nothing is hidden, it is simply a matter of knowing how and where to look to bring things into focus
  • The intricate balance between yourself and the Earth
  • To know when to carry trust and faith and to transcend doubt – developing inner wisdom and courage to listen to your inner knowing
  • Finding and building your internal channel – awakening intuition and insight. How to, feel, see, sense and know at a higher level within your life experience
  • How to maximise your personal essence to fuel the ‘I Am’
  • How to direct chi with intent to the fuel tanks of your personal essence at the main entry points of chi on your physical body
  • How to balance stress and anxiety with simple everyday techniques


Next course intake

Live webinar dates : April 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th 2017
Webinar time : 8.00pm – 9.00pm Australian Western Standard Time.
Duration : 4 weeks
One live webinar per week. Each webinar is one hour long
For Whom : Everyone
Course Fee : $150 AUD
How To Book :

Please click HERE for registration.

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