Understanding Mental Illness and Psychological Imbalance

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Understanding Mental Illness and Psychological Imbalance 2017-11-14T12:56:46+00:00
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This elective offers a unique perspective on mental health and psychological imbalance and delivers reliable techniques for addressing and aligning a broad spectrum of diagnostic labels from the mental health category.

ITA energy medicine is based on the understanding that our energy systems are interconnected with our physical systems, and how the mind interplays with both the energetic and the physical systems.

What is covered in this elective?

  • Presentation of mental imbalance and depression in the energy systems
  • How to identify, balance and align psychological imbalance in the energetic systems
  • The importance of maintaining flow between the front and back energy circuits in aligning psychological imbalance and techniques for achieving this
  • The ITA perspective on why diagnosis of psychological imbalance is on the increase
  • Specific sequences and anatomy charts for working with psychological imbalance and mental health diagnostic labels.


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