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ITA Tier 1

ITA tier 1 provides you with an integrated understanding of the human energy systems and a working knowledge of how these systems connect to and interact with the physical body and the greater universe.

Although ITA tier 1 is a foundation in energy understanding you will be learning powerful techniques for balancing and aligning the energy systems, the sub-conscious mind and the physical body.

What is shared in ITA Tier 1 will enable you to bring your systems into a state of alignment with your higher self and the world around you. These techniques can also be used to assist others.

ITA tier 1 techniques are beneficial to anyone on a path of self development and are easily incorporated by practitioners of other modalities such as kinesiology, massage, naturopathy and occupational therapy. ITA tier 1 is also a great foundation study for anyone interested in a career in energy medicine.

What Is Covered?

Topics covered in ITA Tier 1 include…

  • What is consciousness?
  • The interconnection between the physical body and the energy systems
  • Cultivating higher awareness
  • The Void Technique and how to use unconscious awareness
  • The Three Levels of Self and the Three Minds
  • The I AM, the I AM NOT and the Shadow self.
  • How to scan energetically
  • Directing chi through intent
  • Effective etheric hygiene practices and their importance
  • Understanding and connecting with Chi, Essence and Spirit
  • The Five Elements and how to work with them
  • The front and back chakras and the chakra cycles
  • The cycles of life
  • Balancing Meridian pathways and organs
  • Polarity, Yin and Yang balancing
  • Moulding of the yin and yang
  • No prerequisite training is required to sit the ITA tier 1 course. This course is suited to anyone seeking a practical understanding of the energy systems that feed our physical body.


    I would like to thank you Melaney for your ITA teachings, I am enjoying the tier 1 and how you have put it together.

    I have understood a great deal and really appreciate the detail and presentation of your understanding of energy.

    I am most grateful that you put up with my constant questions and give me wonderful answers.

    What you’ve taught resonates with me and is relevant to my personal journey and helps me work towards a great future.

    It’s a wonderful feeling to interact with such great people at the StillPoint Institute.

    M.K., Duncraig, August 2013

    Details & Times

    Enquire about future start dates below
    Where :
    Australian StillPoint Institute, Level 1, Suites E & F, 162 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco, Perth WA (upstairs from Brew Ha cafe).

    Or other global locations on request – please register your interest below or contact one of our licensed course facilitators

    Duration : 54.5 hrs total :
    • Theory, discussion & activities (30 hrs total)
    • 3x Sat & Sun sessions, 9:30am – 4:30pm (with 1hr lunch break)
  • Clinic Session (15 hrs total)
  • 5x Sat sessions, 10am – 1pm
  • Course Review (3 hrs total)
  • 1x Sat session, 10am – 1pm [/fusion_li_item]
    For Whom : All people looking to develop a practical foundation in energy medicine
    Course Fee :
    Standard : $1,650 AUD
    Early Bird : $1,500 AUD (if paid 2 weeks before commencement of course)
    Note : payment plans are available

    Please view our Refund Policy for courses at ASI.

    Register Your Interest or Request Future Start Dates

    Please ask us any questions, request future start dates or register your interest if you would like to attend the ITA Energy Medicine course in your hometown, or other locations around the world.

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