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Melaney Ryan is a fourth generation energy worker with over 30 years of clinical experience as an energy therapist. She is the founder of the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness (formerly Australian StillPoint Institute) and developer of Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA) and Mahat Meditation.





Melaneys intuitive knowledge of how to work with subtle energies was nurtured from an early age by her grandmother and great grandmother. Her great grandmother was an extraordinarily gifted energy worker from the Canary Islands renowned for treating a wide range of difficult ailments.


Building on her family lineage of skills and gifts, through training with Great Masters and working with thousands of clients, Melaney has been able to decode the processes of our integrated energy systems.

Through this understanding Melaney developed ITA, a form of energy medicine that offers a unique perspective on the understanding of energy and the makeup of consciousness. By developing ITA into a training system, Melaney is able to share her knowledge and experience with other practitioners and with anyone on a path of self development.


Melaney's understanding of the Mahatma energy and Mahat Meditation provides the basis for her most recent work. Mahat Meditation is an active meditation practice that builds inner force and accelerates our personal evolution. This philosophy and practice was first shared in a group setting in Chiang Mai, Thailand in February 2014.

Melaney has dedicated her life to assisting as many people as possible toward the realisation of their greatness. She is certain that the practice of Mahat Meditation is an effective path for people wishing to realise this inherent greatness for themselves.


Melaney has now chosen to dedicate herself to the anchoring of the Mahatma energy through the shared practice of Mahat Meditation.

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