Website and Mahat Meditation Retreat launch!

Dear Friends,

We are very excited to share our new website with you all – you can visit the Institute and Wellness website at

A very big thank you to Nick Rubinich for making this website a reality for StillPoint!

Jenna Ryan has been working on organising the Mahat Meditation Retreat that is taking place in February 2014 in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.

This retreat is to launch the Mahat Meditation Philosophy which is founded by Melaney Ryan.

Jenna is very happy to share with you that she is now taking bookings for this retreat.

Please email Jenna at to request a full retreat information package for your consideration.

We are getting closer to creating the Centers of Higher Learning worldwide that will house the Mahat Meditation teachings!

With love,

The Team at StillPoint

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Welcome to the Australian StillPoint Institute (ASI) & Wellness Centre website

Welcome to the Australian StillPoint Institute (ASI) & Wellness Centre founded by Melaney Ryan.

StillPoint is founded with a clear intention to assist humanity and provide empowering training programs and high-quality wellness and self-realisation services in the fields of energy medicine, holistic health and higher consciousness.

Please share links to any area of this website.

Stay tuned for regular updates, we will be keeping you posted with all events, developments and news.

You can also register here if you wish to be automatically notified of the StillPoint Institute & Wellness latest news and updates.

With respect,
Australian StillPoint Institute (ASI)
StillPoint Wellness Centre

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