What It Is To Be Conscious! (Conscious Capitalism WA Launch)

A big thank you to Cath Sutherland and Conscious Capitalism WA for inviting Melaney Ryan to the Conscious Capitalism WA Launch (video below), to share her truth and understanding of what it is to be conscious.

To be conscious is to be awake.
To know that you have a physical body but ultimately you are the soul.
To understand the cycles of life and to know that nothing is forever.
To understand that in life we will be tested and challenged.
To be conscious is to have insight and clarity as to why you are being tested and challenged.
To monitor your thoughts so that the human emotions and the thoughts do not overwhelm us and lead us into the shadow.
To know that that you are – the I Am, and to understand that that you are not.
To be conscious is the integration of unconditional love and generosity, and to understand that there is more than enough for all of us in this world and it does not have to be based in greed.
To accept that sometimes life will challenge us to stand for what we believe in and are passionate about, and this will require trust and faith, and a brave heart to step forward.
To express truth in all of our experiences and interactions.
To be conscious is ultimately the rediscovery of our greatness – the I Am That I Am!
This requires stillness and an open heart.

– Melaney Ryan

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Event Alert : Melaney Ryan interview on US Radio tonight

Melaney Ryan will be featured on the Where Is My Guru US radio show tonight.

You can tune and listen on this link : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/whereismyguru/2013/08/16/beauty-is-more-than-skin-deep-melaney-ryan-pam-grout

The show will be aired live tonight Friday 16th August at 11pm (Perth Time – AWST +0800).

Melaney will be discussing Energy Medicine, StillPoint Foundation, Mahat Meditation and more!

An archive will be available should you miss the show.

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