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Remote ITA

ITA can be performed remotely (at a distance) and is just as affective as a face-to-face treatment.

Suitability of remote ITA

Remote ITA is suitable for everyone, especially if you are :

  • Travelling for work and are unable to attend an appointment
  • On vacation and require a treatment
  • Not located near a trained ITA practitioner and are unable to attend a face-to-face appointment
  • Unwell and not capable of physically attending an appointment

Remote ITA with Melaney Ryan

We recognise that many people deeply value their ongoing ITA sessions with Melaney, it is for this reason that she offers remote alignments for those who are unable to make it to StillPoint Health and Wellness Centre.

There are two options for remote alignments with Melaney:

Option 1: 1/2 hour Skype call to have a discussion before Melaney commences the alignment, and then in the remaining 1/2 hour she will do your remote alignment.

Option 2: purely remote work where Melaney will work on you distantly and do your remote alignment whilst in a meditative state.

All remote alignments include feedback and/or home-care via email.


Contact us for all remote ITA enquiries